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Jun 7, 2013 11:36 AM

Bar Food near South Broad Street

Hi. We're new to the area. Going to the theater at Broad and Lombard next week. Show is at 6:30 -- too early (for us) for a real meal beforehand. Are there any places within a short-ish walk (5 or so blocks)with a not-too-scene-y bar and decent bar food where we could get a quick bite and a glass of wine?

Thank you!!

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  1. Tria at 12th & Spruce

    1. You're right by Amis - i imagine sitting at the bar there would work, though i've only been there for the full sit-down (and kinda lingered).

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      1. re: Bob Loblaw

        The bars at Amis, Sbraga are good suggestions. Tria is a great suggestion. A bit further away, Good Dog and Varga bar are good choices, but beyond your 5 block radius. You could go for a quick sandwich at Schlessingers on Broad and Locust.

        1. re: cwdonald

          That was quick! We thought Amis might be a possibility, but couldn't tell from the website if that was a regular bar or the chef's table.

          We've walked past Tria, but it seemed super-noisy. Maybe not at 5:00, though, eh?


          1. re: lachatte

            Tria is not busy at all at that hour, that's where I would go.

            Amis and Sbraga are very sceney to me but I guess that is subjective.

            Good Dog is within 5 blocks but I don't like the food at all, and there are very few wine options.

            Couple other options are The Cambridge and Rex on the 1500 block of South St. Decent food at both.

            There is always The Palm and Ruth's Chris on Broad, though prices are higher than the other options (maybe similar to Amis and Sbraga on the bar menu, not sure). You might hit a happy hour if it's a weekday.

      2. Ruth Chris has a great Happy Hour at the bar from 5-6:30. It's a couple of blocks from the Suzanne Robert's theater.