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Jun 7, 2013 11:34 AM

Suggestions for Great Vegetable Snacks

Hello all

I generally have no problem getting my 5 to 7 servings of fruits and veggies in but every so often I fall short, mostly when I am busy or for lack of planning.

Fruit is easy to grab on the go, and I often bring a vegetable based soup to work or some veggies and dip, but I am wondering if anyone out there has any great ideas for easy to make, or take to work veggie snacks that don't involve veggies and dip or veggie soup.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated and thanks in advance.

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  1. Good question.

    These aren't super easy to make, but they're tasty...
    try putting a spoonful of chicken or tuna salad into a lettuce leaf for a "lettuce wrap". Throw a couple in a tupperware and keep them in the fridge or a personal cooler pack.

    Also, I do frittata a lot, which is really good at room temp. You can really use any veggie with the eggs, but asparagus is awesome.

    Over on the special diets board, folks are getting me hungry for caprese salad made with mini mozz balls, grape or cherry tomatoes, a little EVOO and S&P.

    1. We make chard or kale fritters with almost embarrassing frequency. They end up being a go-to quick breakfast or snack for my hub to grab for work, and they freeze well, so when I feel like making a big batch, I stock up. Easy to thaw and reheat in the toaster oven, or, really, they don't fare too badly in the microwave as long as you don't expect that crispy factor.

      My general ratio is two big bunches of chard, stems and all (I do stem the kale if I use it), chopped, one diced onion and a few cloves of garlic sautéed down. I chop again after that's cooled (you'll have around two cups of the chopped chard/onion/garlic mixture at this point) and mix in a couple of eggs and about 1/4 cup or so of chickpea flour, some S&P (you're looking for a thickish-oatmeal texture). If I have herbs that need using, they go in. Fry them in your oil of choice. I get around 10 3" patties from this amount. We serve them with whatever sauce is pushing our buttons at the time: aioli, some variety of vinaigrette, an herb buttermilk dressing (<-- this last is my personal favorite).

      Tasty way to pack in a lot of greens.

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        Thanks Cayjohan, have you ever tried to bake them?

        1. re: delys77

          I never have tried baking, no, but not for any other reason than I have just always fried them. I would think that if you used a well-oiled preheated sheet, it might work out just fine...I might have to try that. Bear in mind that this mixture tends toward the non-firm end of the patty scale, so I'm thinking that they might get spready and be difficult to brush with oil on the topside? Hmm...this sounds like another experiment have me thinking: I wonder if they could be baked in muffin tins?

          1. re: cayjohan

            Muffin tins, that is a very good idea indeed. I had the same worry about spreading in the baking pan, but a muffin tin would rectify that. The only risk there is having them a bit runny in the middle, but if you were very cautious in filling your tray so each muffin wasn't pretty small you would likely be ok. I may have to try it also.

      2. Sugar snap peas lightly steamed and tossed with a touch of soy and sesame oil. Fine at room temperature.

        Carrot muffins.

        Pickled veggies! This is my favorite: In general, I never worry about canning, etc. I just do a quick brine and keep in the fridge.

        Tiny pieces of cauliflower, roasted low and slow. I'll eat a whole head at once, and they too are fine at room temperature.

        Kale chips.

        Veggie chips you buy at the store.

        1. I like sliced cucumbers and jicama with Tajin fruit seasoning, or lime juice with a touch of cayenne and salt.

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            I've had this, and it's a great easy snack.

            1. re: mike0989

              Hm, I don't think I've ever seen Tajin fruit seasoning in Canada. Is it usually in the spice aisle?

          2. Roasted veggies served cool/cold -- asparagus, carrots, cauliflower as sweetpotater suggested, broccoli, etc. Just roast with olive oil, salt, pepper (or vinaigrette).

            Cucumber, tomato, onion salad - slice/cube as desired, add chickpeas, feta, olives if desired, and mix w/a gentle vinaigrette or Greek-style dressing. Quick to put together and keeps 2 nights in fridge.