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Jun 7, 2013 09:26 AM

Best yet simple food for a nice romantic Sunday night dinner

Hi-- OK, so I know posted recently about stopping for lunch or a snack at a good food truck in NYC and that didn't seem to go over so well w/ most of you. :) So here's anothe question-- We'd like a really nice meal on Sunday night, we're OK w/ spending up to $200. We DO NOT like fish or thai/Japenese, but love American, Italian, Mexican, and Greek. I have tried the burger at DB Moderne and it's good, but want to try something new. We're looking for a "gem" if you will, and here's the thing: While we're willing to pay $200 for a good meal w/ wine, etc. we're not "fancy people." Any suggestions? We're staying near Columbus Circle but of course it's easy to hop a cab anywhere...

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  1. Lincoln - while the food isn't exactly "simple" it's fairly unfussy and delicious. The restaurant would probably be quiet and romantic on a Sunday night.

    1. $200 before tax and tip = about $150 menu price.

      From there, a lot REALLY depends on how much you drink. Two glasses of wine each could easily be a third of that. So, that leaves $100 or so total for food - or $50/pp menu price.

      Assuming you want three courses, that's a place with entrees in the mid-20s, apps in the low to mid teens.

      Simple + Good + Romantic...

      Craftbar could be doable - solid, Mediterranean-inspired local / seasonal fare.

      Riverpark is excellent, and more romantic, but they're stretch the budget a bit - if you prefer beer to wine, though, that could balance it out, as beers tend to be a little cheaper. Good beer selection, too.

      Cafe Cluny is a cute place that's been reborn in the kitchen since their new chef took over. Great stuff, cozy neighborhood vibe. If you happen to be dining between 5:30 and 6:30 they've got a great $35 prix fixe deal as well.

      Yerba Buena is very good Mexican / pan-Latin, playful. Not the most romantic place - the Perry Street location is better than the East Village one, though, if you had to choose. If you book through you can get 20% off, as well.

      Smorgas Chef in the West Village could be nice - very straightforward Scandinavian bistro food, though with a bit of a locavore bent - they own their own farm upstate from which they get a lot of their produce. Not reinventing the wheel, but solid and cute. The Stone Street location is also nice. I think they might be on Savored as well.

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        Thanks sgordon. I don't drink a lot and my husband prefers beer over wine! What do you think about L'Artusi? Ever been?

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          L'Artusi isn't exactly romantic and didn't really like their service.
          How about Public? It's quite romantic..service is is solid and fits your budget. You can go for their regular menu or go for their sunday supper menu...though this option may be too exotic for you guys.

          Would NoMad fit their requirements?

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            L'Artusi - and for that matter, their sister restaurants dell'Anima and L'Apicio - are all good. None are places I really would ever think to go out of my way for for, more the kind of places where if I lived in that neighborhood I'd pop in now and then if I didn't feel like cooking. Again, not places that reinvent the wheel. But you wouldn't have a bad meal at any of them.

            Given that you don't drink too much, Riverpark might be a good call - if the weather's nice you can sit outside, look over the river. (Granted, FDR drive is between you and the river, but it's easy to look past...)

            Lincoln (suggested above) is great but I'd say it would come in much closer to $250+. Most of the apps are in the $20s, entrees in the $30s. Great place for lunch, though, the lunch prix fixe is a deal.

        2. NYC's only revolving rooftop restaurant = romantic?