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Jun 7, 2013 07:09 AM

Quiet Coffee Shop on or near Lake St.

I need to meet with someone to discuss some business so the food isn't as important as the the environment. Maybe this isn't possible on a busy street, especially on a Saturday. Any ideas? Thanks.

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    1. re: forgottendreamr

      I live near the River and my associate lives in Uptown so the the whole stretch is up for play.

    2. On the west side, I'd check out JJ's Coffee + Wine Bistro. 1806 W. Lake Street (at Knox and Lake) right by Lake Calhoun. It's been quiet when I've been there.

      1. Often have met people at Blue Moon (39th and Lake) can be busy, but never thought it was loud.

        Also Jackson's at Bryant and Lake has pretty spread out tables so one could have a fairly confidential conversation.

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        1. re: rockyd

          I'm often at Blue Moon studying or meeting friends. Good place for conversation and a coffee.
          When you mean food isn't important, for clarity Blue Moon has just prepackaged sandwiches/wraps so no kitchen at all.

        2. The Dunn Bros. on Lake just a block west of the river (in the same building as Longfellow Grill) is fairly quiet.

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          1. re: Jordan

            Jackson's at Lake and Bryant is a nice, quiet spot.

            822 W Lake St
            Minneapolis, MN 55408

          2. Peace Coffee is on Minnehaha Ave., just a few blocks south of Lake, and I've always found it pretty quiet. Lots of worker-bees. Although I've never been on a Saturday.