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Jun 7, 2013 05:25 AM

Delco/Northern Wilmington Farmers Markets

I was wondering if anyone knows of any good Saturday (or Sunday) morning farmers markets in the Delco or northern Wilimington area. We moved to the Philly area from Kansas City a few months ago and I'm looking for some good local markets to frequent.

Any opinions on the Lansdowne market? It looks to be of decent size and I am thinking of hitting it up tomorrow. We are in the Aston area, so I'd ideally like to find something a little closer. Linvilla Orchards and Wolff's are nearby, but I'm hoping to find something more.

I know Media has a FM on Thursday afternoons/evening--does it tend to sell out/get picked over pretty early? Does it always end right at 7?

We're pretty close to Delaware, so anything in the Brandywine/Chadds Ford/Northern Delaware area could work. Ideally I'd like to find a place that has several produce vendors with a nice variety of locally grown veggies and fruits (not necessarily organic). If there is a bakery, prepared food vendor, or close by coffee shop/breakfast place, even better!

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  1. this might help

    I live in CC Phila but I am considering going out to the Lansdowne Market because I want to check out 1732 Meats - they do bacon and other cured meats, but I haven't been yet.
    Also, see if you can find a copy of this : it was just released this week - it is updated annually

    1. The West Chester Growers Market is open on Saturday mornings. http://www.westchestergrowersmarket.c...

      1. There's always the Boothwyn Farmer's Market (Friday and Saturday only). There's a few Amish type veggie places and all manner of other foods. I'm quite partial to the tzatziki from the greek spot. Right on the PA/DE border.

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          Booth's Corner's Farmer's Market actually. Although its near to Boothwyn and that's a common enough "alternate name" for it.

          Amish Veggies and Fruits, Amish Butchers, Several prepared Food stores (mostly Amish) with things like ham salad, deviled eggs, Baked Lima Beans, Pickled Beet Eggs etc, Egg Vendor, Cheese Vendor (good selection too), A couple of Bakeries both Amish and Non Amish plus 1 Polish Bakery that also sells Pierogies. There's a good Burger joint, very no frills - flat top grill burgers with irregular crusty edges. Sausage Sandwich shop, the Greek Place who also sells their Feta Spreads at Whole Foods now, Rebecca's Kitchen which is comfort food - I love their Ham Loaf with mashed potatoes, fried corn fritters and while I'm being unhealthy fried apple bites. There's a rotisserie chicken place too (Amish). And a bunch more food vendors plus the usual stuff - a couple of places where you can buy single K-Kups for your Keurig if you've got one. Oh and the Cajun place - that wins awards.

          They have coupons on the website. If you're going to do it, know that the closer they get to closing time on Saturday the more "specials" they have where stuff is cut up to 50% but the selection drops. I'd bring a cooler with ice packs so if you see some sausage or other thing you want you can get it without feeling like you have to speed home.

        2. Kennett Square has a nice Farmers Market on Fridays 2-6. I realize this is not in your time frame.

          Also....not a market......but a great farmstand...............take 322 up to Rte 1 South to Rte 100 South....about 4 miles down on the left.........about 1/2 mile after you go over the Brandywine river Bridge, is S/W market stand...........great stuff!

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            Hey there, FCF! The Kennett farmers market is my regular go-to, but thanks for the reminder about SIW. That place is really great, but I always forget about it. And for the OP, there's Hank's nearby.

            BTW - how was Tuscany?

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              Tuscany is in Oct!.but the last trip..some 20 years ago.........was wonderful.....LOL

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                Oooooh... something gave me the impression that you were already there. October is a perfect time to go!