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Jun 7, 2013 04:52 AM

Birmingham - Alternatives to Purnell's

I'm stopping off in Birmingham on a Saturday at the end of July. My hopes were up to get to go to Purnell's but their Saturdays are booked up until September (I can't believe how popular it is!) so I'm gutted.

Does anyone have any experience of the other higher end restaurants in Brum? Lasan looks pricey for what it seems to be so I was thinking Turners or Simpsons.

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  1. Brum is on our list for the Harters' "office xmas party" this year. We plan on Purnells and Lasan.

    No experience of Turners or Simpsons, I'm afraid. You'll know that, with Purnells, they are the city's other two Michelin places. Both seem quite formal and not quite what we fancy. Whenever I've seen Lasan stuff on TV, I've always been attracted to the food.

    By the by, Andreas Antona of Simpsons, also owns a steak restaurant in Kenilworth (Beef). I've eaten there and was seriously disappointed.

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    1. re: Harters

      Sounds like you should be booking the Xmas party about now based on their reservations and the popularity over Xmas!

      I'll let you know my experience if I go to Turners or Simpsons. I may still go for Lasan, it just looked like the prices had been pushed up because of the TV exposure and as you've said previously, fine dining Indian is always an interesting concept.

      1. re: AWaiting

        I've not done Simpsons, but I thought Turners superior to Purnells. Nothing wrong with Purnells (and to be fair, their wine list and venue is much better), I just thought Turners dazzled more in terms of the food. It's a bit of a quiet achiever for my money and deserves wider recognition.

        Lasan's very good, but you're right, it ain't cheap, the mains make some of London's starred Indian's appear reasonable, which is really saying something. £22 for just the curry before rice or any side is eye watering. Definitely worth a go, but just be aware of the cost before hand as it can be an unexpected distraction. That soft shell crab starter they do is brilliant to be fair.

        1. re: marcusj

          Cheers for that input Marcus. I've booked Turners on the basis of your experience and the fact that their menu looks more interesting.

          I've no issue paying a lot for food, I just think that my cost/value quotient for Lasan's would be pushing the limit for "curry".

          1. re: AWaiting

            Bugger, massive pressure now! I hope Mr. Turner delivers. Enjoy!

          2. re: marcusj

            I liked Lasan a lot, but the prices do appear to have risen - granted the fish dishes are the ones at 22 pounds. If you get a chance head out to the Balti triangle around Ladypool Road for a far cheaper curry - its good to contrast with Lasan - which holds up well. I can't recomend one as they change so often