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Jun 6, 2013 10:36 PM

Waxing nostalgic... Ritz cracker omelette recipe?

40 years ago my mother (long since deceased) used to make these Ritz cracker omelettes. They were definitely Ritz not Saltines, I remember crumbling the crackers. She used a lot of Ritz crackers, I don't think she used any cheese. The result was nothing like what I would call an omelette, it was more like a savory thick pancake, kind of hard and dry. We had it with ketchup.

Does anyone have a recipe for this culinary relic?

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  1. Was it like a Matzo Brei made with Ritz instead of Matzo? My husband introduced me to Matzo Brei - total yum, and I can imagine it would be good with Ritz (although the Matzo are firmer in texture and probably hold up to the wetness of the eggs better...)

    1. My Dad made what sounds like the same thing - called it Cracker Egg. I make it by crumbling about 6-10 crackers and soaking briefly in water to soften. Drain water and scramble in two eggs. Cook with butter like you'd make omelette or scramble - You can adjust the crackers to taste.

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        Definitely sounds like the same thing as a Matzo Brei.

        1. re: jbsiegel

          Yes - pretty much the same thing.