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Jun 6, 2013 10:09 PM

The former World Tong now called Good Day, and they do a bang-up dim sum. This is, l think, the second change in ownership since the original closed, and it might be back to its former heights. l'm no expert by any means, but the food is very tasty and fresh. l went today at about half past twelve: the place was packed, as it always is at prime lunch time and weekend breakfast/lunch. l ordered the thinly-sliced braised beef ribs in the peppery sauce [forgive me, as l don't know what most of the dishes are called]. Very tender, and not gristly. Also had the beef in rice crepes [l thought l was ordering the fried dough in rice crepes, one of my favorites, but it turned out to be a most happy mistake]: the crepes were nice and light, not gummy.

l was seated at table with a couple of Chinese women who had their tween/teenage kids with them: among their dishes was an order of deep fried rice noodles, flattened and shaped into crispy pancakes, with Chinese broccoli on the same plate. Along with it they ordered a bowl of beef sauce, sprinkled with cilantro on top, which they spooned onto the pancakes. l gave this stuff an admiring look, and one of the moms spontaneously popped a slice of the pancake onto my plate, along with a good dollop of sauce and a couple of broccoli spears: delicious! She wouldn't accept any of my food in return.

l asked her if they came here when it was World Tong, and what she thought: she told me that she thinks it's better now! She also said she likes it better than Pacificana.

Between Good Day and Spicy Bampa, Boro Park is pretty durn good for Chinese food. Not the dizzying variety of Sunset Park, but enough to keep me happy.

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  1. Total agreement. The array of vegetable dim sum items is even better.

    Found a rice noodle offering filled with chopped mushrooms similar to one formerly made at 98 Mott and not seen in at least 10 years.

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      Tried that rice noodle with mushrooms [fried dough in there, too!] today: fabulous.

    2. This is good news. I used to enjoy World Tong back in the day. My favorite item they did, I think is called "fu joke gai dzat" (่…็ซน้›žๆ‰Ž), which is a piece of dark meat chicken, with a sliver of taro, a sliver of ham, and sometimes mushrooms, wrapped in yuba, seasoned and steamed. I don't see that in any of my regular rotation of dim sum places these days.

      I went to what I thought was going to be Word Tong once after they had changed hands and it was absolutely horrible and gave up on it. Good to hear the new incarnation is playing hardball.

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        FYI, they serve the fu juk dish you're looking for at Lake Pavilion in Flushing. They tried to pass it off on me as seen juk gyun.

        While we're on the topic of searches for dim sum dishes, Jade Asian used to serve a dish called zhun zhi or pearl balls. It was steamed pork and shrimp meatballs covered in glutinous rice. It wasn't on offer the last couple of times I've gone and I was told by one of the servers that they don't offer it any more. Does anyone know of another restaurant that serves it? Has anyone seen them at World Tong?

        1. re: Greg

          so those siu mai with the pearls, its not chinese and its slightly different, but the chicken meatballs at cocoron in the LES are really good (better than the dish you're referring to at jade asian)

          1. re: Lau

            Thanks. I think you and I have had this exchange before.

            What I'm really looking for is a dish that I had in a Sichuan restaurant in Beijing. It's pork spare ribs steamed in a coating of sticky rice. Any idea where I can find that? I've tried ordering it at a handful of the Sichuan restaurants around the city and I always end up getting pork belly covered with crushed glutinous rice, which isn't even close.

        2. re: Silverjay

          are you sure it was taro in that dish with the yuba, chicken and ham? Im thinking it might have been fish maw

          1. re: jen kalb

            Yes, perhaps. It's been a few years.

            1. re: jen kalb

              Pretty sure it's taro at Lake Pavilion.

          2. interesting, how do you find it vs other dim sum places in the city or flushing?

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            1. re: Lau

              l'm sorry, Lau, was your question addressed to me? lf so, l'm not a good one to ask, as most of my dim sum experience was with World Tong; l haven't had dim sum in Manhattan since years ago at Golden Unicorn, and l've never done the Flushing scene :(

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                oh ok, yah i was asking you, but that's fine just was curious