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Jun 6, 2013 09:50 PM

Lucky Peach 7.0

Available now at Amazon or Jessica's Biscuit.

I've read about 1/3 through, it's interesting - but I've found all previous issues interesting.

"The Travel Issue."

Including Hawaii, North Korea, and Crete. Bourdain, McGee appear, as usual.

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  1. Hawaii? Awesome!

    Pre-ordered, should arrive today. Whee!

    I love LP. My favorite was the "The end is near" issue.

    1. While killing time btwn appts the other day I took the latest issue off the rack at Barnes & Noble to read. Lucky Peach just keeps getting better & better.

      1. There seems to be far fewer recipes in this issue than in the past which is perhaps strange for me to notice as I've only tried one recipe from all of the past issues!

        Having been to Crete a few years ago, I loved the Crete article. It brought me right back to the island.

        1. Mine is sitting here in the wrapper, and I am saving it until I have time to dedicate. I don't think Lucky Peach is much fun to thumb through - too much good writing to skim....

          1. This was my favorite issue so far - loved it. It does just keep getting better!