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Figs in Calgary

Where can I buy fresh figs in Calgary right now?

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  1. Not sure if they have them now, but the one place I know that has fresh figs the most often is Shaganappi Grocery on 17th Ave and 37th St SW.

    1. I don't think figs are in season right now. Usually late summer/fall Costco has them.

      1. I have seen them at the Prairie Farms booth at Kingsland Farmers Market. I can report back if I see them after my visit on Saturday.

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          Good thing this thread popped up again because I totally forgot to look when I was at Kingsland last weekend :O

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            Update: fresh black mission figs at kingsland -$16 for a flat, I think. Can't remember the price exactly, just that they are there!

        2. I've bought them at Lina's Italian Market but not sure if they have them now.

          1. Thanks all! I stopped in at Shaganappi Grocery and was told that they expect figs by the end of the month. Can't wait! I know they are also available at the Calgary Farmer's Market, just not yet....

            1. Figs! Superstore Sunridge, California, black mission, $7.98 for 24. Delicious, get 'em soon.

              1. Thanks, tibbles. I saw some also at Mercato, but they were about the same price for six!! Crazy.

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                  Ha, yeah, that makes sense. Anyone with some money want to help me duplicate Mercato's business plan? We could do it in Kensington or Springbank with a French, or possibly, Asian market.

                  I almost guarantee Mercato buys a lot of its inventory at the Real Canadian Wholesale Club, marks it up at a factor of 4.5 on retail cost, and sells it with the store made stuff.

                2. If anyone else is interested....the Cherry Pit at the Calgary Farmer's Market now has figs in. They were $14 for a tray of 24.

                  1. Boy you learn something everyday! I should have known they were seasonal and I was getting frustrated I couldn't find any. Now I know why!

                    1. Saw some black ones at the Calgary Farmers' Market this past weekend.
                      I'm with Albertagirl to wait until Shaganappi gets the nice green ones in later this summer.

                      1. I bought 2 lbs of black mission figs at Costco a few days ago. Great price and they're delicious!

                        1. We just bought a tray of fresh Figs! (SuperStore). Mind you, that was in Saskatoon, but I would say they are in the stores now.

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                            Even our local Superstore (Red Deer) is advertising flats of mission figs-tis the season. I'll be getting my fill asap :)

                          2. I bought two flats of Black Mission Figs this past weekend at the Italian Store (next to Scarpone's). $7.99 ea and gorgeous! We got home from SoCal a week ago where we had fresh figs at the local farmer's market, and the figs I picked up here were just as good, hence the second flat.

                            1. Got some at Costco Medicine Hat, because Superstore was out. They were cheap at Costco ($6.99 for 24) but not nearly as good as SS. But If I need my fix, I will take them over nothing.

                              1. I haven't been able to find any lately, has anyone seen them?

                                1. To answer my own question, superstore has nice calimyrna figs. $7.96 a flat. They also had small containers of black mission figs too.