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Jun 6, 2013 06:53 PM

First time in Chicago next weekend need advice!

So my wife and I just found out were going to chicago next weekend and I'm looking for advice on where to eat. We're pretty bummed out that we cannot get tickets for Alinea on such short notice. Other places we wanted to try but probably cannot are Girl and Goat and Fronteria or Topolobampo. We have secured a few reservations (nothing set in stone) but I am looking to see if anyone has some better suggestions or advice.

Friday- Getting in late might try to get some deep dish pizza
Saturday- Hot dog/ chicago beef for lunch. TRU for dinner.
Sunday- North Pond brunch. Publican for dinner.

We're really excited to see your city!

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  1. You've already got some excellent choices on your agenda. (I'm guessing your Saturday lunch is at Portillo's...?) I think it's fine as is. Of course, there are many other places you can consider - Chicago has way more great places than you could cover in a weekend (or even in an entire summer) - but the ones you've chosen are worthwhile. Enjoy your visit!

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      Yes portillo's. Should I try to swap publican for mexique? Thanks

      1. re: gorgalot

        I like the food at Mexique more than Publican, and the contemporary Mexican cuisine served at Mexique is something you can't find in most other U.S. cities. Publican can also be uncomfortable (exceedingly loud, beerhall atmosphere). If you go to Publican, the seafood is excellent, the desserts are dreadful, and when you make your reservation you may want to request your own table if you want to avoid getting stuck at the long communal tables.

        1. re: gorgalot

          It probably depends on what style of food you like more -- I'd suggest looking at the dinner menus at each restaurant to see if one seems more appealing to you.

          Having said that, I think the Publican is one of the best restaurants in the city. In addition to an impressive beer list, they do great work with pork though their seafood is top-notch, as well.

      2. At the Publican, don't miss the oysters (they make their own crackers to go with them), charcuterie, and fresh local produce, in addition to all of the other porky goodness on the menu.