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Jun 6, 2013 06:42 PM


Has anyone had it and liked it? I got a wedge of gjetost and while the smell is very caramelly, the flavor overwhelming salt and fat and weirdness. I got it at Wegman's.

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  1. A little goes a long way. It is very caramelly. I learned from Norwegians to slice it very thin and lay it on top of a piece of warm toasted bread so it gets kind of melty and have it for breakfast.

    Odd news bulletin about the stuff from Wiki

    In January 2013, the Bratli Tunnel at Tysfjord was damaged when a lorry load of caramelised brunost caught fire. The high concentration of fat and sugar in the cheese causes it to burn fiercely at sufficiently high temperatures, and the fire was still burning five days later.

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      I have sliced it as thin and tiny as possible, then letting it melt and then aerating it so I get the caramel smell. Incidentally, my human came home when I was doing this once and he couldn't stop laughing at me, the brute.

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          Gjetost is an acquired taste I have never acquired : -).

          Word of caution re cheese planers: we had one similar to the example pictured in paul's link when I was growing up and I loved it, used it all the time without incident. Fast forward (many) years and me in a cheese shop, buying an all metal plane with a more exaggerated angle, all excited-like. Nearly lost a thumb when that sucker dug in to the cheddar too deeply, let go and bit me hard on the knuckle. Choose your weapon with care!

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            I always get injuries from citrus zesters as well.

    2. I grew up on the stuff and love it, but I think it is one of those you love it or hate it kinds of cheeses. I like to eat it on hard grain crackers, like Wasa or Kavli.

      1. I didn't grow up on the stuff but I have developed a taste for it after watching watching Andreas Viestad eat it while making comments about gossip. It's not like IKEA sells lefse, but Kavli and Wasa are more readily available.

        It is made with goat whey so that's where that barn weirdness might come from though the block I have from a Norwegian cheese importer doesn't seem that salty, fatty or weird-smelling. Perhaps your block had been sitting at Wegman's for a while.

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          I generally make the assumption that if a place sells cheese in my area and doesn't specify the milk, it's probably cows' milk.

        2. Here's how I used the small block of Gjetost I bought at ShopRite. I started out roasting six pears coated with some olive oil, rosemary and a vanilla pod. I sliced each pear down the center, cored them. About 25 mins. into the roasting, I topped each pear half with the cheese and let it bake another 10 mins until the puddle of cheese coated the pears. By that point they were roasted to my liking and glistening with Gjetost/B. Delicious warm.

          1. Two kinds of Gjetost, red wrapper is mixed milf, brown patterned wrap is Ekte Gjetost and is all goat milk and far preferable. Yes, it looks like Fells Naptha soap, and is not cheesy buy caramelly but interesting in its own way, enjoy.

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              yes, quite interesting. this block costs me €11 ( the mass produced kind is not the same in that it does not have that goat's milk richness.

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                I agree--the Ekte Gjetost is far superior, and much more like the gjetost that my family in Norway gets.