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Jun 6, 2013 05:22 PM

Coconut oil in Bergen County

What's the best place to find some? Pref. not too expensive. Thanks.

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  1. Coconut oil has become so popular, I can't think of any stores not carrying it. Whole Foods, Kings, Costco, ShopRite, health food stores, vitamin stores to name a few.

    In grocery stores you may not find it down the aisle with traditional oils but rather in the "natural/special diet" aisle.
    But I'd recommend asking at the Customer Service desk of your local market for help. It really is that common now.

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      +1, its popular enough that Shoprite has been known to sell all of the stuff on the shelf.

      Whole foods has about 10 different brands, and I beleive in Costco you can get about a gallon sized jug of it.

      My vegan friend dumps a bunch of it in his coffee every morning.

      1. re: coldsolderjoint

        my former roommate used it as a deep conditioning treatment for her hair. she slathered on her hair and wrapped it in a hot, moist towel. after the towel cooled off she shampooed with a very mild shampoo.

    2. - Easiest way to get the purest coconut oil possible.

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        The Nutiva brand is avail in health food stores across NJ. Just an fyi, no need to buy it online and pay s&h.

      2. Trader Joe's (Westwood, Paramus) has a good coconut oil for $5.99/16oz jar.

        1. Costco sells a huge container of it for approx $13, and it's organic.

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            Or you can spend half for half the size container at a health food store to make sure you like the product first.