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Jun 6, 2013 04:47 PM

August dinner in Trastevere

We had settled on Ristorante Paris because it is convenient to the Piazza Santa Maria where we hoped to take in an aperitivo at one of the cafes before dinner........

But am now discovering Trattoria Da Teo and Le Mani in Pasta

I ahve a bad hip so walking far (more than 10 minutes) is not really an option - I would do a short cab from Santa Maria to the others if not too obnoxious



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  1. Given your hip, i would stick with Paris. Da Teo is definitely not good anymore (huge portions, bad quality), Le Mani is good, but don't think you have to go there over Paris if you are at SMM.

    1. I hope wherever you decide to go you report back. Its been a while since weve had a firsthand report on Paris.

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        thanks and will do!!

        Different question - should we replace Ad Hoc with Le Mani?


        1. re: davidcotyalex

          well back on this so thought I would try to re-start with a different question...........

          Le Mani or La Scala for a second Trastevere restaurant?

          1. re: davidcotyalex

            thanks to Elizabeth Minchilli I would also now add Flavio Al Velavevodetto in Testaccio to the mix - I am also liking this aspect because we previously were not fitting this neighborhood into our plans....