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Jun 6, 2013 04:34 PM

MKE - Is anyone else attending Milwaukee Downtown Dinning Week 2013?

A few friends and I have dinner reservations at Carnevor and Karl Ratzsch's but that is it. I have a crazy schedule right now but will try to fit in Hinterland (if I can get a reservation) if possible.

Is anyone else attending?

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  1. Will not be up there for this. My thought is, which of the restaurants are newish and under the wire?

    1. We actually have the chef's table booked at Hinterland during this period and I really hope the downtown dining promo doesn't hurt our experience...but I've had it booked for months and they confirmed they would be prepared for us...

      I was hoping to take advantage of something for lunch on Saturday, but wasn't excited about the options for that meal.

      You will have to let us know how it goes though! I have had some mixed feelings in the past on this and have skipped it the last couple of years--it seems some of the places realize this is a time for them to really shine and possibly introduce new customers to their food, but I've also felt like some servers seemed annoyed with the deal.

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        Hi bte576, I have attended every year but you are right about the chefs and/or owners wanting to introduce people to their food but sometimes the service is a bit off to put it nicely especially toward the end of the event. Regrettably, there are cheapskates that are only going to tip based upon the price and not the value of the meal and that justifiably irritates the waitstaff.

        Based upon Hinterland's reputation and the fact you will be at the chef's table and not a part of DDW, I would venture to say everything will be fine. I would love to hear your review and hope you have a great experience.

        1. re: Fowler

          We had a really great time and from a quality and value perspective, we thought the food & wine/beer pairings were generous.

          However, if I were to give this a more critical review--food was great, but I think they could have done a better job at rounding out the menu.

          It went like this...
          1-Veal & Morel Terrine--V. Good
          2- Scallops--Awesome!
          3- Elk loin- V. Good
          4- Beef Tenderloin--Great, but felt a little redundant after the elk, but I actually preferred this over that.
          5- Delicious Chocolate pudding cake concoction

          I thought they should have done a poultry, fish, or pork item in lieu of one of the red meat loins.

          Other observations, the accompaniments were all interesting, but I think I expected some slightly more adventurous protein options just knowing what their menu normally looks like. I did wonder if this was because of the dining week promo.

          As far as overlooking the kitchen, I was very surprised at how calm it seemed. The chefs did present a few of the courses and almost seemed uncomfortable; there was not much interaction there. I guess I just had a different idea of how the experience would be.

          That said, like I started, we had a really great time and I have no regrets about choosing this as a celebratory dinner (went for my birthday...)

      2. Regretfully, no. My teenager who has just had the end of school for this year does not like fine dining. Mostly because of the embarrassment his mother provides anytime she opens a menu. Or has to make a decision. Or get anywhere on time (we have lost reservation due to the "time" thing).

        Sorry, rant off, I wish we could enjoy the promotion.