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Jun 6, 2013 04:23 PM

Next2 in Positano

Is it as good as all on TripAdvisor say it is?

Any other good places in town that are recommended? Casual good food great atmosphere are high on the list - doesn't need to be too foodie as we have the 14 year old with us - as a frame of reference Next2 does look really good and I have enjoyed reviewing their menu.


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  1. I have eaten at Next2 on three different occasions, each a different year and the food was better each time. The staff are knowledgable and warm. Although it is located a little off the beaten track, the views are outstanding. On my last visit, I had the most memorable meal of simple pasta with truffles. I cannot say enough, food is fantastic as is the service.

    1. We had a great dinner at Le Tre Sorrelle on the beach last year.

      Our favorite meal, however, was lunch at Da Adolfo at Laurito Beach.

      1. I have never been to Next2. It is very stylish looking.

        Here are a few of my favorite Positano places.

        Breakfast pastries and iced cappuccino at Buca de Baco

        I am Da Adolfo's hugest fan. A lazy day spent there is one of summers greatest pleasures. Even my redheaded teenager, who does not love the sun enjoys it!

        Bar Bruno near the Sirenuse hotel is excellent.

        Pizza from downstairs at the Hotel Covo Dei Saraceno. We often get it for takeaway to eat on the terrace.

        Up a ways on the main road is Saraceno D'Oro. Good pizza (they also do take-out) and regional pastas and one of my favorite plates of scapace, a vinegary, spicy, zucchini dish.
        via Pasitea 254

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          Thanks for these recs G! Based on your and Elizabeth's reviews, I rented the 2 bedroom apartment in Pos and will be there in 9 days. Glad to have more food recs - Bruno was already on my list!

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            Huge favor...Would you share contact information for the apartment you rented in Positano??We will be there in April.
            Many thanks for this !!!

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              can you send me a PM via my blog? I can give you the details there.