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Jun 6, 2013 03:15 PM

Dinner for one?

I will be in NYC on business mid-week the middle of July. I expect to be alone two nights. I am staying in Washington Square and looking for recommendations for dining for one. I don’t mind sitting at a bar, probably easier for one. Mid-price is best. I am adventurous and I also like to try local places. I prefer places that are not raucous.

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  1. Almost every restaurant in NYC is solo diner friendly, especially if you sit in the bar, as almost every place also offers the full menu at the bar.

    What's your budget? Mid-price means a lot of things to different people.

    Also the more you are willing to spend, the quieter the bar area will tend to be. At the cheaper places, the bar area is the waiting area for a table, you know?

    Favorite cuisines? Favorite foods? Do you enjoy beer, wine, cocktails?

    Washington Square Park is a good home base but the better dining tends to be a bit west or east or south of the park -- further away from NYU student territory.

    I'd say try Kin Shop, Pearl Oyster Bar and Perilla.

    For something a little louder / busier / crowded, the bar at Tertulia, Buvette, or Otto.

    Babbo, perhaps if you're OK with spending a little more, as you say you are adventurous. You'll probably have to wait for a seat.

    Perla, I've been told, is more OK if you ask specifically for the chef's counter area, as the other bar seats are cramped. You should be fine at anywhere within the Little Wisco Empire actually: Joseph Leonard, Fedora, Chez Sardine, Jeffrey's Grocery, though they all can get a little loud. I think Fedora is probably the quietest of them but it's all relative.

    Minetta Tavern, if you're willing to splurge, though the seats aren't especially comfortable. It was originally designed as a standing bar with a foot rest so the stools don't push in all the way.

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      Oh! Thank you Kathryn. You never disappoint. I have followed your recommendations before and have found just what I was looking for. I looked around at your recs and now have some great direction. Again, I am very grateful.

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        You're welcome! Let us know where you end up.

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          I'll second Kin Shop, Pearl Oyster Bar or Mary's is easily walkable from Washington square for reasonably priced seafood. Wong is also a good solo place to eat. For a burger walk over to Corner Bistro. Neta is good counter dining ( slightly higher than mid range). I'm not sure if Tertulia has bar dining, but I think so. Rock Meisha for Japanese sort of Izakaya, but the place can get loud. Ushiwakamaru on Houston for good sushi. A nice walk to Nam Peng for a Vietnamese Coconut shrimp sandwich. Short walk to Hakata Ton Ton for Japanese.