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Blue Hill is booked. Destination fine dining outside of NYC?

Blue Hill is booked. So where to go for the big "getaway from nyc" anniversary dinner?

What is amazing an hour or or two in any direction? Price not a big consideration. Hamptons? Anything north? South? Something memorable! THANK YOU ALL!

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  1. Ninety Acres in Peapack-Gladstone, NJ is very nice and the setting is beautiful.

    Here's info on their tasting menu:


    1. The question might be better posted on the Outer Boroughs / NJ / CT boards, but off the top of my head:

      Elements (Princeton) - Chef formerly worked at the Ryland Inn (NJ's answer to BHSB) under the legendary Craig Shelton, which eventually collapsed. Many have spoken lovingly of the Chef's Table / Tasting Menu

      Speaking of which, The Ryland Inn has actually re-opened under new ownership with a new chef and has been getting strong reviews. Lovely location. (Not sure if they still offer helicopter service from NYC like they did in the boom years, though...)

      Have some fun during the day, hit up a couple of seafood shacks for lunch. A good one-two is lobster rolls at Lobster Landing in Clinton, followed by a visit to Clam Castle which is about ten minutes away - a typical coastal shack that happens to count Jacques Pepin as a regular. Then head on to one of the finer establishments for dinner:

      Thomas Henkelmann at The Homestead Inn - no tasting menu listed on the website, but call them. Pretty sure they had one, might be something they do by request.

      The Restaurant On20 (Hartford) - playful, somewhat modernist. Tasting menus I think by request with advance notice.

      Winvian - Chef used to work for Ducasse & Boulud, on-site garden for most produce (if not as extensive as BHSB's...)

      There's also a pretty hot food scene in Philly - little further, but not too long a trip via NJ Transit / Septa. You could really make a day or two of it out there: The Farm and Fisherman, Marigold Kitchen, and of course Vetri.

      1. You have this option, but not sure if you would consider it


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          I'll strongly recommend this option--I love getting to Blue Hill and walking around before it opens and then hitting the bar for dinner as soon as it does.

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            I'm pretty sure the OP meant that Blue Hill Stone Barns was booked up because they want to do a "big 'getaway from nyc' anniversary dinner." Not Blue Hill in the city.

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              They are talking about BHSB - there's a bar menu there. Or at least there used to be.

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                Yes, I was referring to BHSB. I didn't think bar dining was going to go over well but I thought I would put it out there regardless.

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                  That makes more sense -- must have skimmed over the "bar dining" part.

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              Yeah, it depends on what you are looking for. I personally prefer the laidback atmosphere at the bar at BHSB and would be perfectly happy celebrating an anniversary there (and am actually planning on doing so this year) but if you're looking for a formal dining experience it won't hit that mark.

            3. How about Equus Restaurant @ Castle on the Hudson, Tarrytown? You can get a train at Grand Central. The castle is about 100 years old and strangely enough, it was recently bought by a Japanese enterprise, hence the restaurant's chef is a Japanese, who cooks French/ New American style cuisine. Food was pretty solid.

              1. CIA -Any of their fine dining restaurants. Hudson Valley and the campus are beautiful. Really a wonderful, wonderful place to eat.

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                  But, at least a 2 hour drive from Manhattan. Outside the OP's scope.

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                    Have you driven to CIA, because respectfully, I've gotten there in 1.5 hours (from Queens) and the poster stated 1-2 hours.

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                      Yes, I live an hour north of Manhattan, directly south of Hyde Park. It takes another hour (if there isn't bad traffic in Poughkeepsie) to drive to the CIA.

                      From Queens (I'm guessing the OP is in Manhattan), you go in at an angle, which can mean the possibility of some efficiency of road options.

                      Also, I now see the "an hour or two" in the OP, so you are right, the CIA could work depending on where the OP is starting from.

                      Meanwhile, this entire discussion (and yes I've written to the moderators) does not belong on the Manhattan board.

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                        Take a train from GCT to Poughkeepsie and take a cab to the CIA. It's about a ten minute cab ride.

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                          Keep in mind that the train from GCT to Poughkeepsie takes an hour and 45 minutes. The last train back to NYC leaves Poughkeepsie at just before 11 p.m. on Saturday nights.

                          (not being a party pooper here--just want to make sure that the logistics are clear)

                2. xaviers in Piermont
                  resteraunt x in Yonkers
                  la cremialare in Banksville Ny

                  1. Because you mentioned Blue Hill, I will stick with points north. X20 in Yonkers. Fantastic food, stunning river views, and a bit closer than Blue Hill at Stone Barns. Crabtree's Kittle House in Chappaqua has great food and an outstanding wine list. They also just started an Inn if you want to make a night of it there.

                    Ah, one other don't miss recommendation is the Pluckemin Inn in Pluckemin NJ About 1.5hrs. One of the top restaurants in the state IMO.