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Jun 6, 2013 02:15 PM

Brookline favorites?

Hello Boston Chowhounds!

My partner and are are going to be moving to Washington Square in Brookline later this month from the Midwest. We are terribly excited to eat our way through Boston.

I would love your recommendations for Brookline (and nearby) specifically. I know several of the favorites (Washington Square Tavern, The Abbey, Cognac Bistro,) but am looking for even more ideas. Particularly (but not limited to) these areas:

-Coffee Shops
-Breakfast spots (not just weekend brunch, but those are great, too. Have been to Zaftigs and Paris Creperie in Coolidge Corner)
-Best delivery (including, but definitely not limited to, pizza)
-Favorite places for take-out (proximity to the C green line a plus)
-Quick, healthy lunch places
-Great bars (both of the grab a beer and catch a game and of the nice cocktail varieties)
-Hidden neighborhood gems of various sorts.

Thanks so much to you help. I've gotten so many great recs from this board already that have led to many great meals in the city (Myers and Chang, Oishii, Coppa, Charlie's Sandwich Shoppe, and ICOB have all been standouts!)

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  1. Dorado Tacos & Cemitas (401 Harvard St. Midway between Beacon & Comm Ave, Brookline, MA 02446).

    Best fish tacos around.

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    1. re: ItalyFan

      oh god I love the pork milanase cemitas, it's an amazing sandwich. On thursdays my wife and I split a cemitas, then we each get 2 tacos (I like the steak one best, but people love the fish one), soooooooo good.

      1. re: ItalyFan

        I have to disagree, some of the worst tacos i've ever had, couldn't even finish the two we ordered between my friend and myself.

      2. strip t's is opening a place in brookline. i am not sure when it will open.

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        1. re: cambridgedoctpr

          Yes! Ribelle will fortunately (for my happiness) and unfortunately (for my bank account) be right around the corner from my apartment.

          1. re: cambridgedoctpr

            went on the second unofficially open day with two friends, ordered two plates and an app, was really good, and the service was better than I expected for only day 2, not that it was bad in anyway, I just expected more chaos.

          2. Dok Bua for Thai. Suchaun Gourmet at St. Mary's. Lineage in CC. Shikki for Japanese small plates.

            1. I work in Brookline Village so my rec's are centered around there:

              - Brookline Family - Turkish
              - Cutty's - Sandwiches
              - Bottega Di Capri - Italian Deli
              - Sichuan Garden
              - Oriental Pearl - Pho
              - Brookline Spa - Pizza, Sandwiches, etc.
              - Orinoco - Venezuelan
              - Matt Murphy's - Irish Pub

              Also opening soon will be El Centro and Clover.

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              1. re: Matt H

                Cutty's cluckin chicken Sunday is not to be missed....the best fried chicken sandwich. Unfortunately, they aren't having another one until Sept. Except for when they have that special event, they're normally closed on Sundays.

                1. re: Matt H

                  The lamb shish kbab at Turkish Family is great when it's on, still good when a little tough on homwmade bread . Love the papaya salad at Oriental Pearl on a hot day.

                  1. re: Matt H

                    I had one of the worst dining experiences at Brookline Family that I could never recommend it. Granted, it was maybe three years ago but it left such a bad taste.

                    There were 6 or 7 of us, maybe they don't do well with large groups? Anyway, the waitresses (yes plural) got orders wrong, didn't seem to understand what people were ordering. It was like they didn't understand English and would just nod and smile. The food came out at different times so some were eating while others waiting for food. And total confusion with the menu. One person (picky eater) ordered fish & chips and she got a plate with fried fish and tomatoes. Yes, slices of tomatoes! No chips. When she asked about the chips she was told she had to order it separately. Really? It was such a nightmare. I believe my dish was tasty, some kind of stuffed zucchini, but the whole dining experience was just off putting. Maybe it's better now but I'd still never go back.