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Jun 6, 2013 12:11 PM

Cincinnati airport area

I will be connecting through the Cincy airport with kids and have a very long layover. Any suggestions for lunch in the area? Nothing too fancy, but good.

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  1. Gold Star Chili for Cincinnati-style chili
    Delta Terminal 3 Concourse B

    There are better examples of this regional specialty to be had elsewhere in Cincinnati, but not right at the airport like this one is

    1. I'm not sure what the best options in the Cincinnati airport are anymore - but I'd see what's there more so than looking to leave the airport. The immediate airport vacinity isn't so full of options unless you have so much time you want to go further into Covington Kentucky or downtown Cincinnati. Jo An's would be a quick cab ride ( - but it's definitely more on the fancy side.

      Concourse B has the most food options, and to the best of my memory Concourse A has Graeter's ice cream. If you want to do an "ultimate Cincinnati meal" you could do Gold Star Chili and then Graeter's - but after eating that meal, I'm not sure I'd personally want to get on an airplane.

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      1. re: cresyd

        cresyd: Not sure Jo An would be a good place to take kids

        MH: How long is the layover?

        1. re: TJ Jackson

          I agree - obviously it depends on the kids, but for the average American child it wouldn't be my first recommendation. It was just the first place that came to mind in the vacinity that would be worth the trouble of leaving the airport, arranging for a taxi, etc.

      2. If you really like fish and want to leave the airport, take a cab to Mr. Herb's on Petersburg Rd Rt. 20 (Hebron)-- it's practically off the end of one of the runways--maybe 4 miles. Their fish is what they're famous for, but it is a family place that has a good-size menu. And very reasonable.