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Jun 6, 2013 12:05 PM

Help me plan Budapest dinners!


We have four nights in Budapest, one of which is reserved for Onyx.

We are debating between the following. Please let us know which 3 you recommend:

Klassz, Rosenstein, Csalogany 26, Borkonyha, Bock Bistro

We were also planning on doing lunch at Pesti Diszno.


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  1. All five are good. A lot depends on your preferences and criteria.

    Klassz does not take reservations, but stands out for the extremely good value-for-money and insider knowledge wine list. More surprises in the glasses than on the plate.

    Bock bistro can be very, very noisy and tends to charge heavily, but uses top quality produce.

    Rosenstein is a classic, traditional hungarian, in some sense the opposite of Onyx.

    Csalogany is quiet.

    You cannot go wrong with this list.