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Jun 6, 2013 11:08 AM

Salt cod in grocery SFV?

I was looking for salted cod (bacalao) the other day, and after checking the regular chain stores and 99 Ranch, I managed to find it at the Korean small chain grocery on Nordoff (name escapes me atm).
But it was shrink-wrapped, and of rather poor quality, and had more moisture in it than I prefer.

Anyone know of a place in the SFV that sells it open, at the meat/fish counter?

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  1. Maybe Monte Carlo Italian deli? Whole Foods carries the sort that comes in a wooden box and is actually pretty good, though pricy. The best I've found that is simply out in the open has been at Portugal Imports in Artesia but that's quite a hike from the SFV.

    1. Most Whole Foods carry salted cod. I've purchased the pre-boxed salted cod and the loose salted cod from the seafood counter at several of of their stores.

      1. I think Jon's has it. Natas also has it but not sure of price.

        1. Super King in Northridge may carry it.

          1. I too have seen it at WF. Also, try Mario's Deli in Glendale. Call first.