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Restaurants in or near Cheviot Hills

I live in Santa Monica, my friend lives in Cheviot Hills-am trying to meet closer to her for dinner tonight but don't know of any restaurants nearby. Any suggestions for great restaurants for dinner in or near Cheviot Hills? Really appreciate any ideas!

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  1. Sotto or Picca are both at Pico and Beverwill, which is pretty close.

      1. And anything in Century City - Craft comes to mind.

        1. John O Groats.

          sushi Zo.

          westside tavern.

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                maybe La Serenata or Steingarten. ?

            1. hinoki and the bird (in century city)

              1. The Six (Pico near Overland). The place seems to have undergone a front-of-house change at my last visit (which I didn't like), although the food is still fine (even if my medium-rare burger was really more medium....). I esp like the pizza there (and skip the salmon salad).

                1. Great suggestions! Am leaning towards Sotto, but will keep all of these options in mind for next time. Thank you so much!

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                  1. The Main Dish on Pico Bl west of Beverly Glen is good.

                    If you don't mind chains there's Louise's.

                    There's also a newish place called SIX but I've never been there.

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                      I think we can do better if we put our minds to it.