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Jun 6, 2013 09:59 AM

Pacific Green grocery in Cobble Hill being pushed out to make way for a J. Crew

this sucks - Pacific Green has saved my @ss so many times - their hours are way more conducive to my procrastinating lifestyle and their selection is great.

Wonder if J. Crew needs community board approval before they can move in....if so, I'm definitely attending those meetings

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  1. I agree that it'll be a shame to lose Pacific, they're always reliable for a number of things...but I don't get the hostility towards a clothing store that is willing to pay what the landlord is asking.

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    1. re: fishermb

      So I guess if Wal-Mart moved in there you wouldn't mind either- I mean hey, as long as they could make the monthly nut, what's the problem?

      1. re: twan55

        Where were you when Trader Joe's was moving in across the street? Did you and OP go to the community board meetings to protest the proximity to Pacific then? I can promise you that Trader Joe's had a lot more to do with Pacific being kicked out than J Crew did.

        6 years ago there was no TJ's, no Barneys or Urban Outfitters, or Lululemon. They all set the stage so J Crew could do what they did, you're pretty late to the party to assume it would've ended there and that they have no blame for the rising rent situation in this neighborhood.

        1. re: fishermb

          Then I guess we have to blame the Walentas since I think they own all those properties.

          1. re: fishermb

            By the way, it's not cool to just accuse the contributors to this thread of being armchair complainers. I never got news of a CB meeting on this issue and actually wrote the district manager.

            His response "this turnover of commercial space at this location was not something that triggered a public review process. "

            I would've been at the meeting if there was one. Thanks

        2. re: fishermb

          The latest is that the grocery is willing to match the rent J. Crew would pay (over $500k a year! how many mangoes would they have to sell to be able to afford that?!??) but the landlord says he still prefers J. Crew.

          1. re: Peter

            cardigans probably dont attract quite as many pests.

            1. re: Peter

              +1 to that reply. it really isn't a matter of who's paying more rent - and it is impressive that Pacific Green was willing to match J.Crew.

              I'm not mad at J.Crew - I'm more confounded at the landlord.

              1. re: waxyjax

                waxyjax: Regarding my original comment, I'm not trying to accuse anyone of anything or point fingers. My thinking is in line with what you say right above, it just seems like people are upset at the wrong party by writing petitions to J. Crew to cancel their lease and find a new store.

                If it wasn't J. Crew, it would've eventually been someone else, and it had nothing to do with Pacific's ability to pay.

                I will be very sad to lose Pacific (I was there twice over the weekend), but the anger I see at J. Crew just seems to hyper-personify the yuppiness that everyone jokes about looking at our neighborhood.

                1. re: fishermb

                  I don't think writing petitions to J.Crew is a reflection of anger at them as much as a plea to join our side - since it's obvious the landlord just doesn't care.

                  In addition, one would hope the level of publicity around the community outcry would prevent other big box chains from attempting the same thing.

                  As an aside, it's hard to define what's more yuppy in this situation. To me, a yuppy would be the ones that only shop at TJ's anyway and would herald the J.Crew takeover...but things have changed since Brooklyn became a mass market "brand" I guess.

                  1. re: fishermb

                    "Did you and OP go to the community board meetings to protest the proximity to Pacific then?" --> isn't the best way to communicate that you're not pointing fingers.

            2. I always liked that place too, but could never quite believe that they didn't sell ice cream. Then again, doubtful J. Crew will sell ice cream...

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              1. re: emarcus

                But I'm sure they will have vanilla, chocolate and mint colored sweaters

                1. re: emarcus

                  emarcus: In the back right corner, next to the refrigerated case with herbs/lettuces/etc, there is an upright freezer case that has ice cream pints, been there as long as I can remember

                  1. re: fishermb

                    Thanks! It was a few years ago that I was in there looking, they told me no ice cream, I never looked again.

                2. Oh, this sucks. I don't live near it anymore, but this was one of my go-to places for produce, herbs, and other non-standard grocery items. I wouldn't have thought TJ's would have any impact on them, since they seem to be different kinds of stores.

                  I'm sad for the owners and the people who live in that neighborhood.

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                  1. re: egit

                    were moving in nearby but already shop that TJs pretty often and i can confirm the non-equivalence. i often supplement a TJs trip with a visit there, and am sad to hear they are getting pushed out.

                  2. The original comment has been removed
                    1. There's a petition circulating, several hundred people have signed it. This sucks, Pacific Green is totally the kind of neighborhood grocery we need :/


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                      1. re: bolletje

                        Carroll Gardens Patch just posted that Mastellone's Italian Deli (on the corner of Court & Degraw) is closing tomorrow, and Pacific Green is going to be taking over the space.

                        Certainly not the high traffic location as directly across the street from Trader Joe's and the busy Atlantic Avenue intersection, but a 5 minute walk south beats no Pacific since it doesn't seem like J. Crew is backing off any time soon.

                        1. re: fishermb

                          This will be interesting, with Pacific Green right by K&Y (my favorite choice for fruits & veggies) and across the street from Union Market.