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Jun 6, 2013 09:37 AM

Betony-Recommended dishes?

I'm having dinner at Betony. Any recommended dishes that I should try? Thanks.

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  1. Can you post a review?

    I'm headed there next week.

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      1. re: squid kun

        Thanks very much! Think I'll go with the foie gras and lobster. I'll report back.

        1. re: ellenost

          Enjoyed my dinner at Betony tonight. Even though its top 2 people come from EMP, it's not EMP level. It's not even at the level of The NoMad. Service is friendly, but needs work. Doesn't help when a server brings the amuse to the table, and when you ask what it is, the server says: let me get your waiter. The amuse was tomato snow with gooseberries, an "okay" dish, but the tomato snow needs more flavor. The bread sticks are light and very flavorful (we asked for more). Bread (eventually) was served (warm, but not great flavor) with soft butter. Ordered the forgettable potato chips with cream and chives: 4 chips for $7.

          My first course was the hot foie gras which was served with a flavorful broth which slightly overcooked the foie gras. My sister had the cold foie gras that tasted fine. I had the lobster with peas and a sabayon cream for my second course that was delicious and perfectly cooked. My sister had the gnocchi with corn that was good (not great). Dessert was a marked improvement. I had the dark chocolate ganache with coffee cream and foam. We were gifted with a plate of the frozen chocolate stout ice cream macarons, pistachio divinity, and a peppery caramel; all were delicious.

          The end of the meal was more successful than the beginning. Service definitely improved by the end of the meal too. We were sincerely thanked by the FOH staff for dining with them, with hopes to see us again soon. My office is 2 blocks away so I may try it again. Betony is a good restaurant, and may develop into a great restaurant, but right now it's not good enough to make a special trip for dinner.