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Jun 6, 2013 09:19 AM

Most interesting restaurants for carnivores


My daughter is treating for my birthday. How lovely! No expense spared. Lovelier still!! We are both confirmed carnivores and I am wondering what there might be around town a little more off the beaten path than the usual big time steakhouses. (Not that there's anything wrong with that. We've partaken; we've enjoyed.)

I'm thinking about things like fabulous charcuterie (Bar Boulud?), the most original foie gras thing-y you ever had, bone marrow preparations, pork dishes up the wazoo, boudin noir, suculent duck confit, but all of this, or more than one dish to tickle a carnivore's fancy anyway, in one place. If we were in Montreal it might be Au Pied De Cochon, say, or in London, St. John, maybe. You get the idea.

Thanks in advance.

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  1. check out cannibal and resto (ive only eaten at the former, the latter has more space). meat heavy menus and really tasty.

    1. maybe Minetta tavern?

      1. DBGB and Blaue Gans for sausages.

        Pig & Khao for sizzling sisig, grilled pork jowl, pork adobo, crispy pata, longonissa.

        1. The bo ssam at Ssam Bar since you can't get the beef 7 ways anymore

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            The bo ssäm is pork (or pork shoulder) and not beef, right?

            But in any event, good rec.

            1. re: ipsedixit

              Yes, pork shoulder, but a huge amount of food for two people.

              1. re: kathryn

                Last time we were there, my friends took the leftover pork home to make pulled pork sandwiches. Also good in fried rice.

                But, yeah, it's a large amount of food, even for (say) a party of 6-8.

          2. Takashi or the Breslin, if you don't mind a wait.

            If you can get a big group together, do the suckling pig meal at the Breslin.

            Here's a list of who serves what offal in NYC, from 2011. So it's not 100% up to date but can give you an idea of what places you might want to go to. Try Mario Batali, David Chang, and April Bloomfield restaurants, for sure.

            Keep Per Se, Picholine & Daniel in mind when it's game season in the fall/winter.

            Also look at Public for unusual meats.


            Spotted Pig - crispy pig's ear salad, bone marrow

            The Breslin - headcheese, pig's foot, you can also do the one of the chef's table feasts that will include offal. Like for the suckling pig dinner, they bring you the ears, eyes, snout, brain, tongue, and jowl. For the lamb dinner, you get grilled liver, kidney, heart.

            Hakata Tonton - pig's feet in multiple dishes

            Momofuku Noodle Bar - pig's tails

            Craft - pork trotter, sweetbreads

            Bar Boulud (and DBGB) - head cheese terrine, pigeon/venison/wild boar terrine, beef cheek, lamb
            terrine, snails, boudin noir, and boudin blanc

            Casa Mono - sweetbreads, foie gras, duck egg with mojama, bone marrow, tripe with blood sausage, confit goat

            Babbo - lamb's tongue, tripe, goose liver ravioli, lamb's brains ravioli, beef cheek ravioli, sweetbreads, duck, rabbit

            Manzo - sweetbreads, brains, tongue, pig's tail

            Txikito - foie gras, veal jowl terrine, blood sausage, beef tongue, trotters/tripe/tendon

            Fatty Cue WV -- deep fried 1/2 rabbit

            Picholine - IIRC they have a game tasting menu that happens every fall/winter

            Yakitori Totto - chicken liver, chicken gizzard, chicken heart, chicken knee, chicken neck, chicken tail, chicken oyster ("rare part of chicken thigh"


            Blue Ribbon Brasserie - escargot, sweetbreads, pigeon, bone marrow

            Prune - snails, tripe, bone marrow, sweetbreads, they also are known for their monkfish liver, but I don't think it's currently on the menu

            Kabab Cafe in Queens (one of my favorite places ever) - testicles (on occasion), beef cheek, lamb's brains, duck liver, etc.

            Xian Famous Foods - "lamb's face" cold salad

            Chez Napoleon (old school French restaurant) - kidney, calf's brains, rabbit, quail, frogs legs, sweetbreads

            Despana (a spanish grocery store) - carries a lot of great products like jamon iberico, blood sausage, preserved fish roe, various forms of seafood in tins preserved in oil/sauce, and they often give out free samples.

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            1. re: kathryn

              I wasn't going to comment because kathryn said it all. But Despana is a definite, that top level Jamon Iberico is absolutely amazing.' I second Takashi for the different cow stomachs,
              I'll throw in Rockmeisha for pigs feet and frog.
              Maharlika for sizzling sizig and balout.
              Salvation for pig ears
              Osteria Morini for Charcuterie.
              Paradou for foie gras tasting

              1. re: kathryn

                Momofuku Ssam Bar currently has grilled duck hearts on the menu, served with whipped ricotta, strawberries, and celery. A very unusual but delicious dish. The hearts themselves were extraordinarily tender. With the whipped ricotta and strawberries, it felt almost like I was eating dessert, but then the herby nature of the celery kicked in. Definitely worth a try for adventurous eaters.