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Jun 6, 2013 07:27 AM

Going to the Basque country with a stop in Monein, any recs for Monein/Jurancon/Pau?

Hello dear Chowhound France friends,
We leave next Sunday for 2 weeks in and around the Basque country. Flying into Bilbao with a stop for a night in San Sebastian, then on to 4 nights in Monein, staying in the aptly named "Entre Vignobles et Vergers", because we LOVE Jurancon wine, then off to a week in a seaside apartment in Ciboure.

I've scoured the posts for the Basque country and am pretty set for San Sebastian/Ciboure/St Jean de Luz (Joy of joys were will be there for the Fetes de la Saint Jean, don't you hate when that happens?).

I'm not so set for Monein/Jurancon/Pau...does anyone have any recommendations for that area? I'm sure that our hosts can suggest some places but I thought I'd check in here first. Any specialties that we shouldn't miss?

I will be sure to come back with a review of our adventures. Thanks!

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  1. Not food thought, but if you have not been to Lourdes, a short trip from Pau, make sure you visit. Very odd, especially if you are either very religous or very non-religous

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    1. re: Delucacheesemonger

      Yes, we are one of those, will consider a side trip. :)
      Thanks DCM

    2. Chez Ruffet in Jurancon.

      Michelin one star. Great food, not pretentious and super efficient friendly staff,

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        Yank you're my guru south of the Loire.

        1. re: Parigi

          me too! But, if my admittedly bad French is right, this article says that Chez Ruffet closed last year. :(

          1. re: sistereurope

            You're right! I hadn't been for a couple of years & didn't check.
            Interestingly their website is still up & running as are reviews including Trip Advisor. See what you get when you Google it.

            The newspaper articles do come up, but not at the top. Its a salutary lesson for me to check more closely when I'm recommending somewhere that I haven't visited for a while.

            Unfortunately, I don't know anywhere else to recommend. We did have good meal at a hotel towards the mountains from Pau, but I can't remember the name. Sorry.

            1. re: Yank

              Well, the article mentioned that many people were surprised, so you are not alone. Thanks for trying.
              Hopefully I will find some new places and if I do I'll be happy to share!

      2. Thanks for being understanding.

        I've checked with friends who live in the area and they came up with this place:

        Looks good. If you give it a try let me know what you think.

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        1. re: Yank

          Thanks for checking and will do!