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Apr 14, 2003 11:56 AM

San Antonio Restaurants

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Are there any SA chowhounds that would like to comment on great places to eat either casual or fancy?

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  1. 3 places in SA to mull over:

    1. For very casual dining, try the Little Red Steakhouse on Hackberry at I-10. Its a huge, colorfull restaurant that's going on almost 40 years.

    Dinner salads, rolls, and crackers are automatically brought to the picnic-style tables by "cowgirl" outfitted waitresses. The menu is a placard and also painted on the walls. The food is so-so - from fair to all right - but what do you expect for the laughable prices they charge? All in all, it's well worthwhile the visit. Shrimp and fish are also available.

    2. Another unique place is the 750 ft. high Tower restaurant downtown in the Hemisfair. It revolves once an hour, affording a wonderful 360 degree view of San Antonio. I like to go up there an hour before sunset in order to enjoy the daylight, dusk, and night views. It's spectacular. The food is not memorable, but who cares. Dinner will run in the $20-$30 range p/person. Here's a link:

    3. The San Antonio Riverwalk is a great place to have a meal on a pleasent day. There is a good selection of eating places of all kinds, all casual, none of which have food to really write home about. The pleasure here is to dine on a patio near the riverside sidewalk and enjoy the people going by, the sunshine, and the atmoshpere. It's not exactly Venice, but you don't need a visa either. And as an added bonus, some of the people strolling by are very good looking.

    1. Blanco Cafe (original Blanco Road location) is a great family spot especially for Saturday or Sunday lunch. It is a locals type place with very good and inexpensive authentic SA Tex/Mex grub. My family was the only non-mexican one there last time and we felt right at home. Very friendly, efficient service and how about three enchiladas, a taco, chalupa, guacamole, beans, rice and tortillas for less than seven bucks?

      1. Schilo's on the Riverwalk has good German, but you don't get to see the human scenery. Tomatillo's on Broadway is owned (I think) by the same folks as La Fogata, but I think the food is better. The veggie entrees are tasty.

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          Tomatillo's and La Fogata are owned by the same folks, and both restaurants are AWESOME with INCREDIBLE margaritas. I moved away from San Antonio a couple of months ago and miss both places very, very much. Tomatillo's is Tex Mex while La Fogata is more "real" Mexican food.

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            Second the recommendations of Schilo's and La Fogata. Schilo's serves a delicious breakfast. La Fogata besides having really tasty food and margaritas is absolutely beautiful.

        2. Haven't been to SA in several years. Is Liberty Bar still there and still good? Anyone?

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          1. re: john clark
            Laura Fries, Food Editor, San Antonio Current

            Yes, the Liberty Bar is still there -- and thanks to a recent leveling, is bound to be for some time. The secret to a successful ordering experience, according to a friend who works there, is to inquire after the food you'd like to be devouring. The pot roast has a reputation for being dry, but it's all in the time you go. Ask before ordering.


          2. I still like Casa Rio on the Riverwalk.

            All the Hounds on this board will say it's no good, but my family has been eating there for close to 30 years. It was the first restaurant on the river so they must be doing something right.

            Get the Caso Rio Dinner and be sure to sit river-side.