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Jun 6, 2013 06:59 AM

Brown's BBQ trailer - South Lamar

Anyone who thinks Franklin's pork ribs are good need to check out Brown's BBQ in the Genie lot on South Lamar. The chicken is smokin' as well, as is the slightly sweet warm stewed cabbage side. There's one measly picnic table and virtually no dedicated parking. I managed to park next door at the 7-11. For what it's worth, I ate the ribs with a flimsy, single plastic fork. smokey and tender, well seasoned, and slightly sweet.

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  1. I agree about the ribs; decent brisket too. While I tried them last month in the Genie lot, I thought I recently saw them located more south, by Mary/Lamar.

    1. Thanks. Have to give it a try. I like pork ribs as least as much as I do brisket. Can't imagine what in hell you used the fork for, though.

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        good point. on BBQ lunches with skimpy napkins and no sink, i prefer to keep things tidy. And seriously, no joke, one dink-ass fork and that rib bone was picked clean as a whistle.

      2. I just ate Mr. Brown's ribs for the second time - if you care to quibble about whether the beloved Franklin ribs are better, that's okay - they're both well above other pork outlays in this beef-centric town. But at Brown's, you'll wait five minutes, and if you're a pork before beef BBQ person like me, you'll be ecstatic. His cabbage side also beats almost any side at other cue joints.

        Mike Sutter at FEDMANWALKING put up a very complimentary piece on Brown's skills - and comments that Mr. Brown is a native Austin son. Heading down there again today - this place is the real deal.