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Old-school glass bottle soda in Mississauga

Hi everyone,

Hoping you can direct me to where I can find some glass bottle pop in interesting flavours - we've seen key lime etc. Hosting a bridal shower with a retro theme and my sister is really set on us having some different flavours in the glass bottles. So far all I've managed to find is glass bottle coke, at a local Loblaws. We've checked the Costcos around us as well but no luck. Has anyone seen anything recently in the Mississauga area?


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  1. Boylan makes great sodas in glass bottles. Not sure where in Mississauga you can find them, but if you need quantity for the bridal shower, Mr. Case delivers.


    1. Boylan or Stewarts would be great - I don't need a lot, maybe a few 6-packs if they even make those...and it's a bit last minute since my sister was sure we'd find them at Costco, and then there weren't any. I've heard T&T may have some Stewarts.

      1. T&T in Mississauga sells Jones soda and sometimes it's very reasonably priced.

        1. go to brand meats for boylan sodas.


          go to bulk barn for stewarts sodas

          pop shoppe soda might be found in some convenience stores like beckers or mac's costco used to sell a mix case as well but im not sure if they still do or not

          also check homesense the have fentimans soda's in their kitchen goods area

          1. Metro grocery stores also stock Canada Dry and Sprite in glass bottles as well.

            1. Amazing, I knew you guys would have some tips - will swing by T&T and maybe Brandt tonight!

              1. No Frills sells a 12pac of Jones in assorted flavors for $11.99. Far better deal than the usual $1.50+/bottle elsewhere.

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                  Nice, that's definitely a good price. I have to get more so may grab those tonight.

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                    FYI: Have only seen them at Derry+McLaughlin and Creditview+Britannia stores.

                2. Also Whole Foods has a lot of different types of speciality pops in glass bottles including Boylan's. pricing isn't the cheapest but they give you a discount for a whole case (I think 10%) and sometimes they are on sale too

                  1. I have seen pop shoppe sodas at Zellers in the Sheridan Mall

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                      zellers is no longer around anymore especially at sheridan mall

                    2. I ended up finding some Stewarts at T&T - limited selection (just rootbeer and cream soda) but it worked for that I needed. Thanks everyone!

                      1. This is a bit of a stretch but drive an hour to Buffalo and buy some locally-made Johnny Ryan's. The rootbeer is especially good: