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Jun 6, 2013 04:04 AM

How do you serve runny "la crescenza" cheese?

I asked our local cheese shop owner if she had any new soft cheeses and she recommend "la crescenza" (no capitals!), made in the Lombardy region of milk from "tired" cows. When I unwrapped the package, it was not only soft, it was almost as runny as creme fraiche! Some translated Italian web pages recommended serving it on toast with a sprinkling of herbs, but their pictures show a brie-like texture and mine is more liquid. The taste is mild, somewhat reminiscent of buttermilk.

Has anyone tried this cheese? Are there any other suggestions for serving it? Will it eventually solidify more in the fridge? Several web sites recommended eating it within a week, so I suspect it won't last long.

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  1. Recommend a porcellan casserole or tart pan depending on the height of the cheese. Tupperware retains the odor.

    1. We often serve it on a shallow dish with topped Lavender Honey, Thyme and Black Pepper. Baguette, Crostini or the like on the side with a spreading knife.

      1. Would this cheese work spread on a grilled or baked pizza dough along with other toppings?

        I'm unfamiliar with it but going by your description I'm wondering if a room temp pizza that I've enjoyed with soft brie, nova lox, shaved red onion and fresh herbs might be interesting. Or a riff of some sort.

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          So much for the grilled spareribs with the homemade mango habanero sauce tonight.

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            Oh INDIANR, grilled spareribs with the homemade mango habanero sauce sounds really really good too.

            There's always tomorrow night :)

        2. i tried it on Strawberry Shortcake...ok, but whipped cream or ice cream is better.

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            After 5 days in the fridge, it solidified a trifle.
            Made a dip by mixing la crescenza with chopped peppadew peppers and a dash of parmesan. Not bad, but
            i don't think I would buy more l.c. just for this.