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So I'm getting a little kitchen tonged off

So I have two cheep metal tongs 8 inch and a 10inch, I also have some cheep fork tongs for pasta. I also went to WS and got some lockable flat tip tongs and I have a set of cheep BBQ tongs. Ok ok here's my question?, what has been your go to tong in the kitchen and why? What is a good brand of tongs? What's your story on bad tongs, just give me a story on tongs LOL.

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  1. I only have one pair of tongs. The oxo 12 inch tongs with a lock mechanism. I think it is this tongs:


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    1. re: Chemicalkinetics

      I have the same ones and they are great. They are pretty easy to clean too.

      1. re: Kalivs

        AND you get to play up the cowboy attitude, flipping, spinning and unlocking. who is master of the grill now?

        1. re: hill food

          I've got the 12" Oxo, too. 2 pairs. But I never do the cowboy thing. I do the chick thing. a hip bump to unlock. I've convinced myself it makes me a sexier cook. ;)

          My son shows his assertiveness by doing a counter slam to unlock. Not many cook's tools let us express our personalities in such a fun way.

          1. re: DuffyH

            I read all these "cowboy thing". It sounds like it is some way to open/unlock the tongs. So how do you do it? Just swing the tongs very hard to lock and unlock the mechanism?

            I just bump my tongs to my stomach -- instead of hip like you.

            1. re: DuffyH

              HA HA, I do the chick thing/hip bump, too. Good observation re your last sentence! :D

              1. re: DuffyH

                Duffy - a hip bump and grind? these are fun things.

                or are we pathetic, waxing about the simple joys we find in kitchen utensils?

                1. re: hill food

                  hill food -

                  Taking your questions in reverse order:

                  Yes, we are pathetic, but we're in good company.

                  The grind is purely optional.

                  1. re: DuffyH

                    cue the music!

                    (I have a guy on a snare drum at all times either in my kitchen or on the patio. trombones only if company is expected)

                    1. re: hill food

                      Ah, what a great mental picture! Thanks for the grin.

                      My family laughs at the way I dance around the kitchen. I prefer to cook to reggae or classic rock, depending on what I'm cooking. :)

                        1. re: hill food

                          Duffy - singing Marley's "Jammin'" to a chicken while you stuff it? "and we hope you like jammin' too, everyday we make the rice with aromatics and some spice"...

                          ok pushed that one too far.

                          1. re: hill food

                            <ok pushed that one too far.> ....and now "Jammin" is playing on an endless loop in my brain. Thanks. :p

                            1. re: hill food

                              hill food - I trust you know the Beres Hammond classic "Can You Cook Some More?"

            2. re: Chemicalkinetics

              Me, too, 'cept mine are 9"--one regular and one with coated tips for the nonstick pans. Love, love, LOVE ALL my Oxo kitchen toys!

              P.S. My, what big tongs you have! HA HA! ;)

              1. re: Chemicalkinetics

                I have two sets of OXO 12" tongs; one like Chemicalkinetics' and one with nylon/silicone (?) coated tips for using on non-stick pans. I love them. They go in the dishwasher regularly, and the locking mechanism has lasted for years (I honestly don't remember how long I've had 'em).

                1. re: kcshigekawa

                  Mine only last about a year using the dishwasher... after 2 busted springs, mine get handwashed.

                  1. re: firecooked

                    My Oxo's go into the DW occasionally. Mostly they're hand-washed because I use them so often. My DW is a Bosch with an upper cutlery rack, that might make a difference, too. I close them before laying them in the rack, there's no pressure on the spring. They're about 8 yrs old and still act like new.

                2. re: Chemicalkinetics

                  I have those tongs and actively dislike them cause I pinch my fingers opening them. My favesies are these: http://www.amazon.com/Update-Internat...

                  I reach right past the other for these. I do also have a pair of silicone coated (?) for use in nonstick pans.

                  1. re: c oliver

                    You're doing it wrong. Try the hip-bump or counter-slam. I don't recommend CK's tummy bump. ;)

                    1. re: c oliver


                      Is there any reason to use the silicone or nylon tip tongs beside protecting the nonstick cookware?

                        1. re: c oliver

                          Thanks. I think a few people including Antilope has allude to this conclusion as well. Since I don't have any nonstick cookware at this moment, I was wondering if the nylon tongs will provide me any advantages. Thanks for the information.

                  2. I use restaurant supply tongs, sometimes they have no lock, sometimes they just have the metal collar to lock, never been a fan of the push the bottom locking tong. Restaurant supply store ones are cheap and I have always found them to be superior quality. I pick up pans and trays with my tongues and use them to hold pot handles and do almost anything, I can't stand cheap, thin tongs.

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                    1. re: TeRReT

                      I have two of these, one long and one short. They're both over 10 years old and work as good as new. Never buy cheap kitchen stuff.

                      1. re: TeRReT

                        I'm with you on this. Don't brak the bank, they work and they last.

                        1. re: TeRReT

                          Same thing. Heavy tongs from restaurant suppliers are great. You'll never wear them out.

                        2. I have 4 pairs of small and 1 pair medium scalloped tongs I got from a restaurant supply store. Absolute necessities in the kitchen IMHO.


                          1. I really like Cuisipro locking tongs. They are available with plain stainless steel or scalloped silicone tips. They are similar to the Oxo locking tongs, but IMO, the Cuisipro tongs are easier to clean and have a nicer locking mechanism. Available in various lengths and colors (for the silicone ones) from Amazon.

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                            1. re: tanuki soup

                              I love my OXO locking tongs, but might have to add this to my collection for use on non stick pans.

                              1. re: tanuki soup

                                I have that pair. Plus several other without a coating. And a pair of test tube holders, which is nice for reaching into small spaces.

                              2. It's OXO locking tongs all the way for me. Best tongs ever. If I pick up another set of tongs, i find myself smacking and pulling at the bottom to unlock and lock them!

                                  1. re: treb

                                    same here. the short ones get my fingers too close to the heat.

                                  2. These:
                                    which I love, love, love.

                                    I unlock mine the same way an action star reloads a pump-action shotgun with one hand:

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                                    1. re: Kris in Beijing

                                      Those are Edlund tongs. I've got a 9", 12" and 16" which I bought about 20 years ago.

                                      12" is my workhorse, 16" for grilling, and 9" tends to get used for salad.

                                      1. re: srgoodman

                                        I have the 12" and 16" Edlunds. Been using them for years. Well constructed. I'd buy them again in a heartbeat

                                    2. I have half a dozen pairs of the cheap stainless steel tongs without a locking ring--about $6 a piece on Amazon. I keep them all in the same clay pot that holds a dozen wooden utensils right next to the stove. Never did like the fancier ones.

                                      1. Hi, Jason:

                                        I've got several. The pair I use the most is a locking SS OXO or knockoff that has plastic tips. They work pretty well, but the lock bugs me, and they aren't the easiest to clean.

                                        I also have a few vintage short aluminum ones with the slide-loop lock. I like these, too, the downside being they get hot very quickly when fishing for pasta or out of the deep fryer.

                                        For the 'Q, I use a pair of Lamsonsharp SS/teak tongs with the beveled tips. These were a gift, and they work really well, you just have to keep them squeezed pretty tight to hold onto heavier things.


                                        1. Like having coated tips on a pair when working in non-stick pans.

                                          1. After years of unsuccessful tongs, I now have a couple sizes of OXO tongs. One of which is so long, I can get (some) stuff from the top cabinet shelves with them. We use those for the grill, too. I should buy stock in OXO, I love their stuff so much.

                                            1. I love these from the restaurant supply place...nothing to break or pinch me.

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                                              1. re: tim irvine

                                                I own ones just like these, except the handle is blue. I bought them about 10 years ago at a restaurant supply place on the Bowery (NYC), I'm sure I did not pay more than $10, and I use them almost every day.

                                              2. I had a mismatch of tongs accumulated over the years. Lockable, not lockable, different lengths, etc. Biggest issue I had was the tension on the spring. Most were very firm, and quite a pain to use. I finally picked up one set that I liked, low tension spring, not lockable, 12" long. No frills, no bells and whistles. Loved them so much that I did the internet research, and wound up buying a dozen of them from the following site. Use them constantly, they are the absolute most useful tool in my kitchen. Vollrath model 47113. Here's where I bought them from, you may be able to find them somewhere close to you


                                                1. I have tongs from the resto supply place...never measured'em...a long one for grilling and a short one. If I paid > $10 I'd be surprised. Can't imagine what sonoma would rob you for a pair

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                                                    1. re: BiscuitBoy

                                                      True re WS. High as a cat's back. Would never shop there for day to day items.

                                                    2. I use the metal tipped Oxo tongs listed in the first response message.

                                                      But I also use Oxo nylon tipped tongs.


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                                                      1. re: Antilope

                                                        Seem like a lot of people have Oxo tongs. How do you like the nylon tipped tongs?

                                                        1. re: Chemicalkinetics

                                                          I have the metal tipped and the nylon. I usually use the metal. I usually only use the nylon for non-stick surfaces so I won't scratch them. The metal tips grip better than the nylon, but the rest of the tongs body is exactly the same.

                                                          1. re: Antilope

                                                            <The metal tips grip better than the nylon>

                                                            Antilope, I was wondering that too. Thanks for confirmation.

                                                      2. When we first got married my mother bought me tongs, from a restaurant supply, with locking mechanism. She told me they were the only kind to get - they used them in their restaurant!

                                                        One day several years later she was in our kitchen (a rare occurence in itself) and pinched herself in the locking tongs. She couldn't believe we would have such a stupid tool in the kitchen!! She told us to "buy a decent pair of tongs!"

                                                        We still laugh. AND we only use locking tongs.

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                                                        1. re: rmarisco

                                                          i had a pair that kept on pinching me and i tossed them. Not worth the pain!

                                                        2. Boy, I love tongs. I am continually amazed that I didn't know of them until about 8 years ago. I have 3 pairs - long ones (about 14"?) metal and coated and a coated short pair, about 9". I use them with my cast iron skillets, on the grill (metal only), and to reach cans from the higher shelves when tall spouse and kids are not onsite. I also have a wooden pair that I use randomly instead of the long nylon coated ones.