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Jun 5, 2013 09:58 PM

where to buy plain noodles by the pound

I'm gonna attempt fried noodles for a group meal in a couple of weeks. Where do you folks buy noodles? Its been a long time since i "bought in bulk". its for about a dozen people.

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  1. I always cheat and buy from any good chop suey house and put on my platter and say I made it!


      for a variety of fresh noodles....

      or the Look Fun Factory across the walkway from Kekaulike Market down in chinatown for look fun noodles. can buy them plain and slice them any way you want...perfect for fried thai noodle dishes like pad ki mao and pad si ew....

        1. re: killersmile

          i've always wondered how that place is. we live further up liliha but pass by every day.

          i also see noodle places in kalihi where i work, one near libby's manapua and the other on king st, i think by bank of hawaii area.

          1. re: indelibledotink

            Probably Chun Wah Kam Noodle Factory is the one near libby's and the other one is oahu noodle factory? There's also Eagle Noodle Factory in Kalihi as well.

        2. try the one on Gulick Ave, makai side of King street next to the bakery, get all types of noodles and mein

          1. We stumbled upon the chow mein at Char Hung Sut and have loved it ever since. My Local in-laws love it, even my gourmand mother-in-law. Better than their highly-regarded manapua.