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Jun 5, 2013 08:59 PM

Breakfast on Coronado Island

Any breakfast ideas on Coronado Island?

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  1. Tartine at the far east end or Orange Avenue. Nice little European kind of place...food is ok. http://tartinecoronado.com/

    Nice Mexican style breakfast at Miguelito's sidewalk cafe (does not open until 9am) http://www.brigantine.com/miguels_coc...

    Sheerwater at Hotel Del, I have actually had some decent breakfast there. Also, there is a coffee/juice/pastry/yogurt-fruit bar near the indoor entrance to Sheerwater. Grab a table outside to watch them train the hawks or walk 50-yards to the beach.

    1. Plus - with the Hotel Del, if you sign up for their dining email, you will get 20% discount emails for your birthday and anniversary dates at all of their dining venues (including 1500 Ocean).

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        Off topic, but have you tried the pizza at Eno?

      2. Hotel Del, relax and enjoy!

        1. Leroy's Kitchen and Lounge has a great Sunday brunch, and I like Fabrison's French Creperie.

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            I second the rec for Leroy's.

            As for your second option....I can't trust a crêperie that misspells it as "créperie". Ouch.

          2. Cafe 1134 is my favorite, everything from omelettes and scrambles to yogurt with granola. Clayton's is also popular... More of a diner style breakfast (which is not really my taste in the morning).