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Jun 5, 2013 08:59 PM

Breakfast on Coronado Island

Any breakfast ideas on Coronado Island?

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  1. Tartine at the far east end or Orange Avenue. Nice little European kind of is ok.

    Nice Mexican style breakfast at Miguelito's sidewalk cafe (does not open until 9am)

    Sheerwater at Hotel Del, I have actually had some decent breakfast there. Also, there is a coffee/juice/pastry/yogurt-fruit bar near the indoor entrance to Sheerwater. Grab a table outside to watch them train the hawks or walk 50-yards to the beach.

    1. Plus - with the Hotel Del, if you sign up for their dining email, you will get 20% discount emails for your birthday and anniversary dates at all of their dining venues (including 1500 Ocean).

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        Off topic, but have you tried the pizza at Eno?

      2. Hotel Del, relax and enjoy!

        1. Leroy's Kitchen and Lounge has a great Sunday brunch, and I like Fabrison's French Creperie.

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          1. re: El Chevere

            I second the rec for Leroy's.

            As for your second option....I can't trust a crêperie that misspells it as "créperie". Ouch.

          2. Cafe 1134 is my favorite, everything from omelettes and scrambles to yogurt with granola. Clayton's is also popular... More of a diner style breakfast (which is not really my taste in the morning).