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Jun 5, 2013 08:15 PM

fresh choice beef in ft. worth markets/butcher shops

Moving to Ft. Worth area in 2 weeks. Am not seeing a very good selection in markets. There has got to be a place (even near the Stockyards) to procure "choice" ribeyes, porterhouses, filets, etc. Help!

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  1. So you've been to Whole Foods and Central Market and the beef choices there have been unsatisfactory?

    And are you using "choice" as an adjective or as a meat grade?

    BTW, the Stockyards is a tourist area, I don't think a lot of people go there for food shopping.

    1. Choice referred to meat grade, as opposed to select. No I haven't been to Central Market or Whole Foods but I have them flagged to go to. Just wondered if there were any butcher shops. I will definitely be at the 2 you mentioned. I'm from so Cal so was afraid I wouldn't be able to find a good selection there. Thanks for the info.

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        Given the fact that I live in Dallas, I am unaware of any independent butcher shops in Ft. Worth.

        However, once you've visited Central Market and Wholefoods, you'll not need to look any further.

        The meat selection's at both stores are wonderfully large and comprehensive.

        Although both of these stores sell primarily "choice" grade and "prime" grade meats, Wholefoods sells more organic, locally raised 100% grass fed beef as well as Bison.

        You might also want to try Costco in Ft. Worth. Although their meat is packaged in larger quantities, all their meat is "choice" with small amounts of "prime" as well.
        Primarily as NY Strips and Ribeyes.

        1. re: twinwillow

          CM does not have the focus on sustainability that WF does, but I'm always able to find what I want. They offer bison in a number of different cuts ... grass-fed beef is also available. It would be nice to have WF closer, but I've never had a complaint about the quality of the meat at CM (I've been going since it opened something like 10 years ago). There may be more of a distinction when it comes to seafood. At WF you know you are getting sustainable. I'm not much of a seafood eater, so all I know is that the selection at CM is huge.

      2. Nothing too exciting and probably not what you're looking for...

        -Oliver's Fine Foods

        -Ryan's Fine Grocers & Delicatessen

        -Burgundy pastures (25 mins south of downtown but they raise their own grass fed cattle on the same property. They also sell local free range pork, chicken, lamb, local cheeses, and they sell really good burgers on the weekends with their own grass fed beef with organic veggies.

        Like other suggested, Central Market. You'll fall in love with this place.

        Here is a recent thread with suggestions for Central Market.

        1. I make a Trader Joe's/Central Market trip about once a month (I'm about 40 miles north of FW). Nuts, coffee and cheese at TJ's, meat and fish at CM. The stores are close to each other, which helps in the summer heat when something has to stay in the car for a bit.

          1. Check out

            I have heard good things and keep this on my list to try if I get over to Ft Worth not on a Sunday.