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Jun 5, 2013 07:16 PM

Newton Four Corners - Sichuan Gourmet House and ?

Saw a sign for Sichuan Gourmet House coming into the space formerly occupied by Tom Yum Koong in Newton Four Corners. Anyone know anything about it?

In that same strip of stores, I saw a building permit in the old South Pacific space. Anyone know anything about it?

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    1. re: Velda Mae

      Not yet. I got their menu in the mail though

    2. Got takeout last week. Not bad, though probably too early to tell.

      One thing is for certain - they do not hold back on the spiciness. Dan dan noodles and sichuan spicy beef slices were both good, although extremely spicy. (Lots of the numbing "ma la" spiciness). Kung pao chicken was a bit too sweet for my taste. Will probably try it again sometime in the future.

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      1. re: jodydavis

        This is good news to me! Love that hua jiao!

      2. This looks like the real thing. We sure have a lot of Sichuan restaurants in the Boston area now.

        1. Swung by for some take-out snax this afternoon.

          Fuqi fei pian ("Sichuan spicy beef slices") was excellent, as good as any other around town, but a small portion for $8.

          Kou shui ji ("Diced chicken with house special sauce") was not good. The chicken had a mushy texture and the sauce was gloppy like ketchup, with a highly off-putting after-taste. Large portion, taboot.

          Garlicukes were mild, not quite enough bite.

          Rice was a tad dry.

          Very friendly folks.