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Jun 5, 2013 06:10 PM

Brisbane - Sunday Lunch

Hi, I'm going to be in Brisbane for the Lions test and having trouble finding anywhere open for lunch that will be decent.

I'm not after fine dining or expensive, since we may be a little hungover, but any locals have any recommendations for a good sunday lunch?

thank you


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  1. The German Club is just across the road from the gabba stadium. It's a little raucous on game days from what i hear, but it's great german food in an octoberfest type hall:
    You can maybe hair of the dog there too. :


    Crosstown Eating House is nearby too and one of the best restaurants in Brisbane in my opinion - not sure how busy it would be:

    That section where crosstown is has a whole bunch of good places - like Pearl Cafe.

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    1. re: amyogeek

      thank you. German Club looks ace.

      Crosstown Eating House is closed on Sundays. Any other gems you know about for a good sunday roast?


    2. Can't go past a good steak at the Norman ('Brisbanes Worst Vegetarian Restaurant') or the Brekky Creek Hotel

      1. Bar Alto in New Farm is absolutely delightful on a Sunday afternoon and has a terrific lunch menu