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Jun 5, 2013 05:48 PM

Nozawa Bar

In a word (ok two words) OH MY. We went to the second seating last night. (8:00). The 10 guests are ushered in together as if boarding a plane. Located in the rear of Sugarfish in Beverly Hills, with sign on the private room that reads "employees" or something similar to that. Anyways, the staff of four in this secluded room, couldn't have been more accommodating. Once seated, the feast begins. Within 5 minutes of arriving, the first course is plated and presented in front of you. Drink orders are taken and delivered quickly. Off and running and about 14 courses later, you are sedated with delight. Nozawa has only the best ingredients at hand for sure. If I were forced to find a fault, it would be the timing. From start to finish, 90 minutes had elapsed. Considering the meal is not a small amount of money ($150, food only), I would of enjoyed lingering longer. One can't help but become friends with your fellow sushi diners, being such a small group, I also enjoyed the bantering with our sushi chef host. Very nice man, indeed.

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  1. What time did you finish, considering your later seating?

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    1. Wow, not quite Jiro-speed, but that's fast. Did it feel rushed or just quick? I don't need my omakase to last 3+ hours every time (like my last few at Shunji), but I also don't want to feel rushed.

      Any pics? What were some of the more exotic courses? Is that $150 inclusive of gratuity/service fee?

      Edit: I guess not; checked the site and it says "An 18% service charge will be added to each bill, which, under California state law, is subject to sales tax. Additional tips are neither expected nor encouraged." So 18% on top of the $150, and then tax on the whole amount...

      Noticed they're pushing second seating to 8:15 PM after the Fourth of July. Maybe they'll ease up slightly on the pace...

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        Yes, you have that correct, tax and tip were added automatically. Did I feel rushed? Well at first, yes. Food arrived within 5 minutes of being seated, even before our drink order was taken. But I did get with the flow, fairly soon. I wish they would have had more spacing between courses though. Sorry, no photos.

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          That is my perfect speed...I may have to "bite the mullet" and go.

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          I made my reservation so long ago -- the day J.L. posted his report! -- that it's still set for 8pm. I purposely booked the later seating so I can order bonus rounds :)

        3. Thanks for the great report!

          Is it still possible to order extra sushi after the omakase, as J.L. did? I'm referring to this thread: