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Proper drink for these glasses?

MIL gave these to us .... guessing they date from the 50's or earlier. What would be a "proper" drink to serve in them? They hold 4 oz filled to the brim.

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  1. I had a set of clear martini glasses with the same base but a more conical top. I think they were from the 60's.

    what to put in them? remember in those days folks knocked back a lot more and more often, but in much smaller servings.

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      I like the thought of smaller servings! I'm mostly a wine drinker, but the craft cocktail trend seems interesting. I have got away from cocktails years (decades?) ago because they are often too sweet (and contain things I try to avoid like soda) and because there's just too much alcohol for me.

    2. I would use them for any drink you might use a coupe glass for, like a Paper Plane (equal parts Bourbon, lemon juice, Aperol, and Nonnino Amaro).

      1. They actually look like sherbet dessert glasses, not cocktail glasses.

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          Yes, compote or sherbet/dessert glass, not drinkware, IME. Here's an image of a vintage one: http://www.ebay.com/itm/Beautiful-Rub...

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            So maybe I can just stick with my original thought of just using them for desserts!

        2. Considering the volume I'd say dessert wines or cordials.

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            Should cordials be served room temp or chilled?

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              Room temperature in my experience.

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              Those are definitely not cordial or desert wine glasses. They are desert glasses/bowls.

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                  You probably could use them for cocktails, or cold sake... but they look like they would be sloppy to drink from and spill easily.

              1. Jello or chocolate pudding.

                1. Yeah, I don't think those are meant for drinking out of. Probably more for sundaes and such. Too shallow and wide, the ice cubes would probably start falling out when you went to take a sip. You can't really put a straw in them either.

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                    Sundae dishes are typically conical, pretty narrow. https://www.google.com/search?q=sunda...

                    Most, anyway.

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                      Just a note: there should never be ice cubes in a cocktail glass. They are meant for drinks served without ice. Ice goes in rocks/old fashioned glasses and collins/highball glasses.

                    2. Those look right for some Saurian brandy on Star Trek.

                      1. Can't vouch for the size, but the style appears to be glasses for serving cold sake. I've been served sake in glasses of the same shape and colors at legit Japanese restos in LA and Japan.

                        Edit: Also, I'm guessing you're showing the full set that you received. If you received five glasses in the set, this is an unusual number. Four would be a more typical number in a set, but the number four is avoided in Japanese culture. Thus, sets are often found in numbers of two, three or five.

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                          How interesting... I'm guessing these are big for sake, but it does give me an good use for these... The hold just a little over one ounce!

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                            One ounce? 1-ounce is miniscule! I thought the capacity was four ounces? What ever the case, the smallish size, shape and colors are identical to what I recall.

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                              This is another set of similar glasses. The OP is 4 ounce glasses... but i have this other set (also from MIL) which I assumed were just for after dinner cordials.

                        2. And now for something completely different...

                          Serve whatever drink you like in them. Wine, neat spirits, a Manhattan, a Martini. They are fun glasses and if you like them, use them and use them often.

                          Just as you might serve gazpacho from a tea cup, unconventional service-ware makes life interesting. Yes, sometimes there is a reason for the shape or construction of a glass, but then sometimes that consideration isn't paramount.

                          If you freeze them, that solid stem will be a nice heatsink, helping to keep a straight-up cocktail cold. At 4 ounces to the brim, they would hold about 3 oz with room to sip without sloshphobia. Size your cocktails a touch on the smaller side (accounting for dilution from stirring/shaking, that's about 2-1/4 oz before ice).

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                            I agree about using whatever glass you like for whatever drink you want. But, as I mentioned above, with the bowl on those glasses so wide and shallow, they may not be the most comfortable glass to sip from and may tend to be sloppy, spilling the drink. I could be wrong. Some glasses look like they are comfortable to drink from and are not, and vice versa.

                            So firecooked, how good are those glasses to drink from?

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                              In my case, some came chilled in a basket, some were chilled just about to freezing.