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Jun 5, 2013 04:23 PM

Can anybody identify this....?

I came across this picture while watching my screensaver program slide through the major amount of food pics I downloaded last week and instantly fell into glutenous envy! Can anybody tell me what it is called so I can find a recipe and make one?

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    1. Something like a ganache mousse torte which is made with a moist sponge cake layered with rich dark chocolate ganache and chocolate mousse.

      1. Using google image search, I came up with this bakery, which is apparently using a stock image on its website (shades of Amy's Baking Company!).

        Nothing on their menu matches that image.

        I agree that one layer is mousse and the frosting is ganache.

        1. Based on the textural appearance of the lower/lighter part & the fact that the cake only has 2 layers, I'm going to be the voice of dissent here and say that it's a chocolate mousse cheesecake.

          Google image search for comparison:

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            Tricky white layer and it's that white layer that seemed a bit too dry to be cheesecake, but I wondered about a cheesecake layer as well.

          2. If it helps, here is a link the original bigger capture pic. I was thinking that the top layer looked like a caramel but I could be wrong.


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              Could it be an inventive ganache-covered non-bake chocolate tart (with a thick biscuit base)? For e.g., a variation on this:


              1. re: PotatoHouse

                Ahh, *much* easier to see the detail now! Forget what I said about cheesecake - klyeoh is right, it's obviously "Millionaire Shortbread" in tart form:

                Some recipes: