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Jun 5, 2013 02:34 PM

Sheepshead Bay - Best eats on Emmons?

Would love to try a great restaurant in that area. What are the best? Are they mostly seafood?

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  1. Honestly, my favorite place on Emmons Avenue is Roll-n-Roaster. Get your roast beef rare, your bun dipped, grilled onions on top, and ignore the fact that you're putting "cheez" and not cheese on your sandwich. The fried shrimp is surprisingly good, too.

    Many of the Emmons Avenue restaurants were badly damaged by Sandy. I don't think all of them have re-opened.

    If we want seafood, we go to Jordan's: Not exactly on Emmons, but pretty close. We've been known to grab a dozen oysters on the half-shell to slurp on our way back to Westchester.

    Both eateries I mentioned are extremely casual. I've seen folks in dresses and suits next to those in shorts and t-shirts at both places.

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      While not on Emmons, not too far away is Kashkar Café, authentic Uzbek, great noodle dishes and kebabs. At the moment my fave in the area

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        Very nice review and interesting-looking place. Will have to check it out! It isn't in Sheepshead Bay, though. It's in Brighton Beach, though it's not terribly far from the westernmost part of Emmons. Brighton is a neighborhood worthy of its own food-related excursion.

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          You right, but I figured its still worth mentioning, being so close. Our soon to be fired accountant lives in the area and every year I try to find a new place on Emmons for lunch. Last year it was Yazou(?) not bad at all btw. And this year I found Kashkar and can't wait to return.
          Perhaps a Brighton Beach thread is in order

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            I second the creation of a post-Sandy Brighton Beach menu.

            The next time you're in the area, stop at Georgian Bread (265 Neptune Ave.) for khachapuri (cheese bread). SO good!

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              Try Baku Palace, enjoyable azerbaijani. great lamb chops, nd lulya and fish kebabs, kutabs, etc.

        1. re: Sluggo1407

          The place is always packed. They've got to be doing something right.

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            Would you recommend Randazzo 's?

            1. re: shoeman

              I know you didn't ask me, but the reason I didn't mention Randazzo's is because it's very hit-and-miss.

              Most people go for the spicy tomato sauce with their choice of seafood (shrimp for me, over linguine). However, there are times when the sauce has been bland, tasting of nothing but heat. Sometimes the shrimp are perfect and sometimes they are rubbery or taste of iodine.

              The fresh, raw clams are usually on point. They are shucked to order. The baked ones can be underdone and gritty, but sometimes can be very good.

              I haven't been there since they reopened, but they were a very, very casual eatery. I don't know exactly what kind of atmosphere you are seeking. Many of the Sheepshead Bay restaurants accomodate the returning fishermen and are therefore on the casual side. There are fancier places if that is what you prefer.

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                I agree that some dishes can be hit or miss, but Randazzo's is always my favorite spot on Emmons, the scungili is by far my favorite, but you can't go wrong with the raw bar. They recently re-opened after Sandy damage, I think it's the kind of place that would give a first time visitor like OP to the area a solid impression

                1. re: fishermb

                  Definitely worth a visit for the raw bar.

          2. Roll-n-Roaster of course!! Anything you want slathered with cheez!!
            Clemente's at the far end of Emmons but not on Emmons has great crabs and lobster rolls.

            1. The restaurants on Emmons Avenue are mainly ethnic. The majority being Russian also turkish,thai,Italian,japanese and of course Applebee's and Roll n roaster I believe there may even be a greek resturant open now.
              I honestly cannot recommend any that stand out over the others, There used to be some good restaurants years back that served mainly seafood but those are all gone except for Randazzo's.

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              1. re: Hydrin

                Putting Applebee's ahead of Roll-n-Roaster is like putting a Motel 6 before The Pierre.

                I lived in the area for 26 years and still have family and friends there. Of all the restaurants in that area, R-n-R is the only place they crave on a weekly basis. Expats like me never fail to include a stop there and often go out of their way to do so. Let's show some respect for the cheez, please!