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Jun 5, 2013 12:45 PM

Ideas for two nights in Florence

Hi All... I am an annual visitor to Italy, travelling with a large group (8 people) and we usually end our trips with a weekend in Florence. We are usually adamant about going to Da Ruggero for one of our meals, we love it. I happen to enjoy it more on a Saturday than on Sunday for some reason, but it is open on both... My question is where should we go on the other night... Places we have been and love include De Benci, Cantinetta Antinori (closed Weekends), Camillo, Casalinga, Bussola (great pizzas and salads)... we went to Cipolla Rossa and did not LOVE it, but it may have been an off night... some thoughts are to repeat any of the above... or maybe try Sostanza, but i am afraid of it not living up to the hype... Would love your thoughts and ideas. Thanks in advance...

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  1. I can't recall reading any reports here from people disappointed by Sostanza. Why don't you give it a try (assuming you are interested in trying their bistecca and butter chicken) and let us know what you think?

    1. I, too, would recommend giving Sostanza a try. We had avoided it for many years after a visit with my then-toddler son, when we felt distinctly unwelcomed. Finally went back a year ago in April (sans kids, but they're older teens now, so can't compare) and were so happy we did. The butter chicken was to die for; great food overall--also a friendly, cozy space; very warm and welcoming this time. Had a lovely chat with a regular at the next table. Perfect experience all around.

      1. Sostanza is one of my all time favorites. Not just for the food (I could live on the butter chicken) but for the atmosphere, which is truly unique in Florence.

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          I know! It was your blog that had me pretty much convinced to give it a try. Unfortunately I am told that they are closed on Saturday and Sunday (should have checked that first but it has been on my list for years and I just assumed) so I need to re-select.... any thoughts? I want to try something new (for us) but as the food guide for the group I don't want to lead us astray...thanks again in advance!

        2. You would likely enjoy Trattoria Mario - open for Saturday lunch only though, I think, during the weekend but it might be hard for a big group unliess you arrived early..

          1. Delicious dinner recently at Quattro Leone. Lovely tiny piazza.