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Jun 5, 2013 12:20 PM

US Open Golf in Ardmore - Going to need real food

We are coming in for the US Open in Ardmore and are thinking we will need access to real food. Will be riding the train from the Fairmont area. Any hints that are easy off and on?

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  1. One suggestion is Tired Hands, a local brewpub. on ardmore ave, about a five minute walk from the Ardmore Septa Regional Rail stop. Basic salad, sandwiches, charcuterie and local cheese, house made bread, and great beer.

    1. sola is right on lancaster ave, you can walk to the us open from there. verdad, tiffin, yangming, and tango are also close by, but not close enough to walk to the us open, but accessible by train.

      you could also go to suburban square and grab some food too.

      1. The last time the open was played at Merion, 32 years ago, I had a nice dinner Thursday with Tom Kite. At KFC! He had a poor round that day but played well Friday and made the cut.

        1. ardmore ave is the main cut-through street from the Open to lancaster ave --you can walk up to lancaster ave and there is a Subway, McD, Chipotle, Jules Thin Crust Pizza, Wawa, Ihop and A la Maison a fancy french cafe. If you turn right on lancaster ave and walk 2 more blocks there is a MilkBoy coffee, Primavera Pizza (nice, friendly Italian sit-down restaurant) and suburban sq with has Corner bakery, Ruby's and Trader Joe's for take-out and a Farmer's Mkt with several choices.

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            and also i forgot --on greenfield ave, one block over at lancaster ave there is an Indian restaurant (used to be called Kulajaharo, not sure of the name now) and Hummus -- a very delicious middle-eastern sandwich/salad place.

          2. Are you looking for things in Fairmount as well?

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              Patti's point is well taken....... its going to be a zoo. You may do better eating further away.

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                Absolutely I'll take your recommendations! My spouse hasn't been in Philly and I used to live in Princeton, so I only remember a few Italian place. We are staying in a loft just around the corner from Osteria. Please give me your best - that includes hole in the wall as well as high end dining!

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                  Well Osteria, and Alla Spina would be good places to start. And they are right there. You are not far from Modo Mio a good byo italian place. And you are relatively close to Northern Liberties where Bar Ferdinand has some great tapas, and Koo Ze Doo has great Portugese food.