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Jun 5, 2013 11:44 AM

lunch in So VT

We'll be in Vermont (Ludlow area) in August for vacation, and like to take day trips centered around a nice place for lunch. Favorites have included Dorset Inn, Simon Pierce. Anything new or any good suggestions? It's a family group--we especially like outdoor seating, any kind of good food.

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  1. Try Harpoon Brewery in Windsor. Take a nice picnic to St Gauden's in Cornish.- You can pick up some very good sandwiches at the Red Barn in Ascutney.

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    1. re: windward

      Been to Harpoon Brewery (we actually the Long Trail brewery better), and love St. Gaudens. But I didn't know about Red Barn, THANKS so much for the suggestion. It's hard because a lot of the really good places are dinner only.

    2. Cafe Mamie at the Southern Vermont Arts Center in ahead to reserve a patio table.

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        Thank you--this is a great suggestion. We used to go there, then the chef changed and it didn't seem as great as it had in the past, but haven't been in a while. What a beautiful spot.

      2. The original comment has been removed