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Jun 5, 2013 11:41 AM

Any good restaurants in Dover, DE?

I will be going down to Dover, DE for an interview and I will get dinner there. Any recommendations? Some reviews online for restaurants keep saying poor service and poor quality so I don't want that experience =) thanks!

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  1. No. Lived there for 6 years. There's nothing good about Dover, food included

    1. I realize you said dinner, but Dover is more of a lunch town. For lunch would recommend Corner Eatery at 33 West Loockerman St or the ribs ar Where Pigs Fly at 617 E Loockerman St. For dinner you almost thave to leave town - nearby and going South I like Cool Springs Fish Bar & Restaurant or going north Cantwell’s Tavern at 109 Main St in Odessa. Otherwise drive an hour to either Newark or Rehoboth for a decent dinner.

      1. Sadly..this is all too true. dover is full of chain restaurants. fairly decent restaurant in town is and Irish pub on Silver lake. i like most of their food.. and enjoy the view outside the window. Cool Springs as mentioned in a previous message.. is said to have a good menu and good food..i havent tried yet. but think next trip in..i'll take a chance .. i grew up in Dover..and have seen them come and go. they need some really high quality places..but not sure doverites will pay for it. but hey..i dont think anyone there cooks a meal at home. so who knows.