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Jun 5, 2013 11:14 AM

Great food for 8 ppl near Park Hyatt on Avenue Rd.

Hi all,

Vancouver Chowhounder here....wondering if you might be able to lend me some of your fabulous Toronto insight....wanting to book dinner for 8 colleagues on Monday evening in TO....will be staying at Park Hyatt on Avenue Rd. Looking for really, really good food. Mid-range prices - nothing too extravagant (company budget!). Entrees over $30 would likely be a bit too high. We are all big foodies and love great restaurants - where would you suggest??

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  1. I should also mention that if necessary, we could take a short cab ride if required.

    1. When I last stayed at that hotel, I had a lovely meal at Fieramosca Trattoria just around the corner on Prince Arthur... and I'm not even much of a fan of southern Italian food or (sometimes) the decor that goes along with it.

      Really friendly and accommodating service (while not in your face) and although too cool when I was there in April, a beautiful back garden dining area or comfortable (and quiet) indoor dining. The food was wonderful; fresh and flavourful and not too heavy-handed with sauces etc. I don't think we chose from the menu for mains: the chef's specials were great that evening.

      I was really not expecting much and I was so pleasantly surprised, I'm going to make a point of going back when next in TO. I don't know that it was "Foodie" great: but it was a solid traditional choice...

      I've also dined at Opus across the street from Fieramosca but it's a bit beyond your stipend... http://www.opusrestaurant.com/Welcome...

      If a traditional French bistro is of interest, I've also had great meals here:
      http://jacquesbistro.com/Bienvenue.html; a short walk from the Park Hyatt.

      Hope that helps

      1. Since you don't mind a short cab ride, I would recommend heading to Harbord Street, where there are several great, mid-priced restaurants. My personal choice for your needs would be 93 Harbord.


        Another option is Harbord Room, though it might be tough to get a res for 8 there, as it's quite small.


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          +1 for both 93 Harbord and Fieramosca. I am not a fan of Opus food, especially the price point.

          There is also Carens Wine Bar on Cumberland, very near the Hyatt. Food is always good there - the burger is awesome. Lovely lovely back patio.

        2. I enjoy Ciao Wine Bar on Yorkville near Avenue Rd. It looks a bit extravagant but I think the prices are reasonable overall: http://www.ciaowinebar.com/

          I also like Messis on Harbord for the salads and seafood dishes.

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            I think that Messis has closed and that the owners of The Harbord Room opened another restaurant, TRH and Co in the old Messis space.

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              Aww.. that's a pity. I guess I hadn't been there in awhile but I kept meaning to go down there. Thanks for the info.

          2. L'Unita on Avenue Road is quite good, and about half the mains are $30 or under. I like the food and service at L'Unita more than the food at Ciao. L'Unita is located a few blocks north of the Hyatt.

            Le Paradis is a reasonable bistro within a 15-20 minute walk of the Hyatt. http://www.leparadis.com/

            Globe Earth http://www.earthrosedale.com/ http://www.earthrosedale.com/Menus/di... and Rosedale Diner http://www.rosedalediner.com/ are within a 20-25 minute walk, or a short taxi ride. Mains are under $30.