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Jun 5, 2013 10:41 AM

Wedding Anniversary Dinner Downtown Ann Arbor

My wife and I have eaten at many (not all) downtown A2 restaurants. I am looking for a good possibly romantic place to eat.

I have reservations at Logan now, but the more I read about it the more overly pretentious it sounds.

We're staying at the Bell Tower so walking distance is a plus.

Any recommendations are appreciated.

Thank you,


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  1. Have you been to West End Grill? I've always thought it was about as good as it gets in Ann Arbor.


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    1. re: BobRe

      West End Grill is a good spot for a meal like this. Another place to consider would be Pacific Rim. Maybe not overly romantic but certainly a nice place for a celebratory meal.

      I never found Logan to be pretentious, but I've only dined there once or twice.

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        I'm with Bob on the West End Grill. It's small, cozy and perfect for a romantic meal.

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          I think I will check out the West End menu etc. I've heard of it for sure and we've not made it there yet.

        2. Gandy Dancer? Had my (small) wedding reception there. Lovely building.

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            Gandy Dancer is on the possible list since we haven't been there.

          2. Thank you too all of you guys that replied I appreciate it.


            1. I find WEG a little too loud to be romantic. But the food is good and the cocktais are great. Logan isn't too pretentious but is not very romantic. The Earle used to be the most romantic spot in town, dark and cozy. However the jazz combo on weekend nights can be loud.

              Have you thought of Mercy's in the bell tower? The setting doesn't seem too romantic but the convenience factor is nice. I like Gandy Dancer, but it is not really walking distance, or at least you'd be walking uphill to get back to your hotel. If you do go there, explain that youre celebrating a romantic anniversary and ask that they seat you in one of the smaller rooms to the side.