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Jun 5, 2013 10:22 AM

East Village Brunch

Hi Hounds --

I would have thought I'd get a million relevant hits when searching on "East Village Brunch." Maybe the force was not with me, but I didn't see many relevant hits.

There must be threads out there. Would someone be kind enough to help me out? I don't really spend a lot of time in Manhattan anymore. My default EV Brunch option is Mogador. Are there any other places as good or better I should consider?

It'll be on the early side, before noon on Saturday. So I'm not really worried about crowds. I'm meeting my niece, so I'm not really interested in Shopsin's or Clinton Street Baking, or anything like that (also... they're LES).

Thoughts? Links?

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  1. Are you OK with waiting, even if you're going at 11am/11:30am on Saturday?

    Just had a really nice but pricey brunch at Lafayette in Noho. They take reservations and are on OpenTable. Similar in vibe to Balthazar.

    For something more lunch oriented, and more on the "ethnic" side. Momofuku Ssam or Pylos. Since so many people will be waiting at the more breakfast-oriented spots, we never really end up waiting at these two for brunch on the weekend. Maharlika, too, offers a more "ethnic" experience, as does Empellon Cocina.

    If you're OK with waiting, and want a more Americanish brunch Prune, Peels, The Smith, Westville, or Northern Spy Food Co.

    If either of you are really into Bloody Marys, Saxon and Parole has a DIY Bloody Mary bar.

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    1. re: kathryn

      Thank you so much, Kathryn.

      I had been leaning towards Northern Spy until I realized they only have a beer&wine license. I think we'll try Saxon and Parole. If only for the novelty of the bloody mary bar alone.

      1. re: egit

        kathryn's list is pretty comprehensive.

        Around the corner from Northern Spy, there's also Back Forty, which has a full bar (and some great cocktails).

        1. re: lexismore

          I second Back Forty. They also have a great yard.

    2. The Smith - Nice Mac n Cheese, and get this - peepholes in the basement that shows 20's porn. Not people in their 20's, 1920's!

        1. re: thegforceny

          Went there for a Sunday brunch. Great food, drinks and was treated like family. Highly recommended.

        2. i actually loved brunch at Flea market cafe. It's super cute and they have the most tasty price is excellent.

          1. It looks like my reply is too late now, but westville east is always delicious and lots of daily market specials, reasonable prices , the portuguese muffin (like a fat delicious english muffin) is a nice option that comes with most dishes.