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Jun 5, 2013 09:52 AM

Peri Peri sauce in the Triangle, NC area?

I just got back from a trip to Cape Town, South Africa and I've had plans for making Peri Peri chicken on my grill (braai) ever since. Does anyone know of a place in the Triangle where I might find different varieties of Peri Peri? I know that you can get the standard Nando's brand Peri Peri in most Harris Teeter stores, but I was hoping to find other brands and varieties.

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  1. toothtooth, try The South African Food Shop in Matthews, NC
    I get my chutneys from them and love their stuff.

    how was your trip? I've heard Indian south african cuisine is marvellous; do tell.

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    1. re: Rory

      Rory, thanks for the recommendation. It looks like that store has several different kinds of Peri Peri and, more specifically, it also has the lemon and herb variety that I was looking for. Unfortunately, I hardly ever find myself in the Charlotte area but I'll keep The South African store in mind anyway.

      As for the Indian South African food you were asking about, the only thing I ate from that category was a tomato-based, Cape Malay-style curry made with local kingklip. Overall, I enjoyed it. The fish was really good, but I found the curry to be quite mild spice-wise and a bit sweet (a sweet onion flavor) for my tastes. I have no previous experience with Malay curries so I have no idea if that was an authentic representation or not. There is some really excellent food to be had in Cape Town.

      1. re: ToothTooth

        toothtooth, my apologies, call them and they will mail it to you, that's how I get my stuff. I found them via Amazon and contacted them. They're great and very swift.

        fascinating, thanks so much for explaining about the Malay curry, Cape Town sounds like it should be on my list, I was just in Helsinki, fun but I grew up on herring;-)

    2. I have seen peri peri peppers, also know as birds eye peppers I believe, and I have seen them in the Triangle but I can't remember where...

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