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Brooks Place BBQ - Cypress

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Listed in Texas Monthly's "50 Best in the World", I stopped by last weekend. It's at FM 529 and Barker Cypress.

I was there at 11am, (opening), and there was one person in line ahead of me.

I got brisket, (mixed), sausage, pulled pork and half a yard bird. The brisket was Houston good, but not Austin good. The sausage was a non starter. I asked if he made it himself. He said "No". I bought some anyway. Meh.

The chicken was decent. I like to make chicken salad out of smoked chicken and that's what I did. The pulled pork was probably the best thing I got. The sauce is chunky, but I don't use it anyway.

Just a trailer and a picnic table. I got it to go and had my own sides later so I can't speak to them.

Also, kinda spendy. I probably won't bother to drive back out there.

(I miss you Mr. Pierson.)

LINK: http://www.brooksplacebbq.com/

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